Fangirling over the local boyband

This is probably one of the shortest fanfics youve ever read...
Based in a school called “Holmes chapel comprehensive school” this is a real place in Cheshire. The story revolves around a band named single status,Some of the characters in my short story also replace real life people, for instance Cayley Thomas-Sapphire Styles. I hope you enjoy reading this! Emma, x


1. the one and only chapter one

The Class was silent, headphones were plugged into keyboards and nobody was disrupting the lesson, for once. I sat on the hard, grey seat, trying to figure out what the strange symbols on the music sheet in front of me meant, I glanced at Mr Tomlinson who was studying whatever piece of information lay before him on the classrooms humungous ‘Apple’ computer. He didn’t seem in a great mood, so I decided I’d better not question him. Instead, I tapped Sapphire gently.
Sapphire’s a smart, loud girl who spends her days chatting, she can be exceedingly rude at times, but never to me. She always gets what she wants, but she has to earn it. This, she achieves by getting good grades. In music especially.
She turned around to face me, and pulled her headphones down her neck. “I don’t like any of this rubbish! You?” I didn’t get the chance to reply. “ Single Status would be so much better, and fun!” She stated.
“Agreed! Although I can’t get my head around all these lines and funny shapes, so I don’t know how I’ll cope with Single Status music, I wouldn’t want to let them down by playing their songs incorrectly!” I whispered. 
“your great at reading English, funny how you can’t read music. Ha, ha!” Sapphire giggled. I rolled my eyes at her in return, before putting my headphones back in and turning around to the keyboard, pretending I knew what I was doing.
“Silence! Mia Malik and Sapphire Styles, come out to my desk, this instance!” Mr Tomlinson had heard us, and he was angry. Very angry indeed. I felt the stares of the pupils around me, Cari giggled and Jimmy prodded me forwards with his pencil. 
“I saw that Jimmy! Don’t think you can get away with disgusting behaviour like that, out here, now!” The teacher screeched.
“NO!” Jimmy protested. It only took one slight glare on Mr Tomlinsons behalf to make him join us at the front, dragging his TOMS along the horrendous green carpet.
The bell took years to ring. I was half expecting it never to go off, I jumped out of my sleeping position when it finally did. I quickly stuffed my red jotter into my bag and fastened the popper button. My school bag was large and black, it had the single status logo embroidered onto the front flap. Sapphire was already waiting at the door for me. 
“Harry up!” Her accent made her U sound like an A. “Our boys are waiting Mia!” By ‘our boys’ she was referring to single status, the local boy band. They weren’t really waiting for us. Me and Sapphire always listen to their music in our spare time.
I love my boys, they’re inspirational, I live in a Single Status dreamland, their figurines stand proudly on my windowsill, my ceiling and walls are plastered with posters and there’s not an inch of pink wallpaper left to see! My bedspread is Single Status and my wardrobe has a whole section dedicated to hooded jumpers and tops with ‘I  love SS’ printed boldly in a rainbow of colours. My shelf had many books, but the majority of them were related to Single Status someway or another. I’ve even written their biography and met them twice! My favourite’s Stanley, Sapphires is Zane. There are five boys in the group, Stanley, Zane, Ni, Lewis and Lee. Stanley is the youngest, only eighteen. He left our school Holmes chapel Comprehensive last year, all the girls adored him.
We sat in our little gang, Sapphire, Niall, Erin, ZÖe and me. I popped open my crisps, whilst bobbing my head up and down to the music (single status, would you be surprised?) blaring out of my fifth generation Ipod touch, not realising my ready salted crisps had exploded over the grass patch we had been sitting on. 
“Oops!” I exclaimed.
“Oreo?” Niall suggested, holding out his plastic bag to me. I took one and thanked him. That was a fun lunch break, I remember standing up and chortling “its everything about you-oo-oo! Everything that you do-oo-oo!” I didn’t care that I was out of tune, I was being me and having a laugh with my friends.


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