Sea Shell Secrets.

Marnia Beech is a teenager from London.
When she has to move to Australia to the beaches she have dreamed of will she be happy?
Will she discover boys and mystery?
Or will she have a boring teenage life?
|Copyright 2013|©| Forever Singing™ Productions.©|


1. Move.

"Come on Maria it can't be that bad, I mean it is Australia." My best friend said to me as we wrote down the notes for German, notes I really don't need anyways.   "Are you kidding me? It's Australia, it's the other side of the bloody world, how am I meant to talk to you guys?" I explain pointing to my three best friends as we sat at our table. 


 "Please, all you do is swim, your going to be living ten minutes from the beach you should be buzzing." Francesca said annoyance seeming to be ringing in her voice.   "Yeah plus you should be able to bag a cute beach boy and they are all bloody hot, better than any of the dudes here they are all like 'yo motherfucker, swag, rack and shit.' Seriously I am jealous." Wendy snorts as she angrily scribbles out the wrong word on her notes.


"Come on, Maria? Into boys? Guys that the most hilarious joke ever, I mean we all know all she does is swim, she is like a fucking mermaid." Sammi explains.


I just smile and blush and continuing writing my notes. "Bonus is I am sixteen and I can finish school this year if I wanted to but I'll be behind so I'll finish when I'm seventeen. You guys here in Birmingham will have to keep going for another year, not like I'm rubbing it in or anything." I chuckle but I soon stop laughing when I notice my teacher staring at my table. She was just about to burst into the 'speak German as it is good for you' when the bell rang.


"Talk about being saved by the bell." Sammi says laughing as we pack away our books and run out of the class room walking at a quick pace to the cafe holding hands with Sammi so we don't lose each other. I only have my three friends, Sammi, Francesca and Wendy because everyone seems to think we are lesbian because we hold hands and hug. Yes I'm really fucking lesbian that's why I have had boyfriends I see your sense you dumbass populars.



I like my friends though and I wouldn't change it for the world. But now I have to travel about twenty one hours away from the friends I love the most? To start back to a new school when the term starts after April, talk about being a loner because I will have none as everyone will have already made friends. I would hope to think I am an easy person to make friends with though.


I walk into the cafe and order a ham baguette with no salad, as I hate it. I sit down on my own at the table, the girls had gone to the library to do the French homework for next lesson but I had already done it so I could waste all of my lunch here.


I guess you could say I am a spoilt child? I am an only child and my parents are rich, so I do have like popular branded clothing and an iPhone and an apple laptop. But I really hate flaunting my family's money. We buy normal houses and try to live as a normal family you know just with tonnes of money. When I say 'we' I mean me and my mother. My father isn't in the picture anymore, but that's a story for another time.


I soon finished the baguette and put my rubbish in the recycling bin, why not help save the planet? I walk out of my crowed cafeteria, everyone looking the same in our uniform. I really hate uniform, they say express your individuality but yet I can even wear a stud in my ear? I get the all having the same clothes though, I mean I would hate to get judged on what I wear. I mean the things teenagers have to go through at the moment shocks me but most of all scares me.


Teenagers can be the most brutal people, we say mean things without actually thinking about the consequences and when we do it's too late. I mean people are committing suicide, they feel so sad and that nothing can change that they have to end their own life? It's things like that, which makes me cry, if we only thought about what we said. My friends say I am deep, I just think I say the truth.   As I walk across the playground to get to the library I hear those comments from the populars as they snigger.


"Look at her hair, ew it's ginger."


"I bet she shops in charity shops." I guess that is a good example of how I manage to keep the fact I am filthy rich under wraps.   Truthfully they seem to think their words hurt, to me no. But to others they might and when that person ends up doing something terrible to their body it will be on the people who made those comments fault. I mean who are we to judge another person by what their hair colour is, or what colour their skin is?



The girls keeps following me, I know they have it in for me, as I walk into the building I know I am going to get swarmed, but hey, if you pretend to not be filthy rich you are a no-body here. Boys and girls hit me, for the fact that I am 'lesbian', 'poor' and 'ginger'. I take it. But my mother couldn't take that, so she is making me move to bloody Australia.


"Hey Marina." Tessa sneers at me as she flicks my hair, yes Marina is my name, I hate it so I get everyone to call me Maria.   "Get the jumper from the second hand shop and sewn the badge on?" Poppy asks as she pushes me into the wall.


"What cat got your tongue freak?" Fern asks.   "No, I am quite capable of opening my mouth and use grammar correctly thanks." I snort as I try to push past them, but no such luck.   "Where do you think you are going? We have a present for you. Come on." Poppy and Fern say as they take hold of my arms and drag me with them to the old empty classroom which is never used and lock it afterwards. I gave up struggling, I know Karate and I can defend myself, but what's the point? I'll wait for the new school.


"We missed you last week, you missed your beating- oh sorry I meant conversation with us." Tessa sneers, laughing at her supposed joke.


"So this weeks are going to be twice as hard." Poppy said, now these girls may seem like the annoying weak populars but that actually quite good at punching, I have bruises to prove it. But twice as worse? I might actually have to go to the nurse.


"We have twenty minutes, I wonder how long it will take for the blood this time?" Fern ponders as the all look down at me on the chair they place me on. Normally they would tie me to the chair, they must have forgotten the rope.


Tessa throws the first punch as always, knocking some of the air from my lungs out of me, I intake some oxygen ready for the next one as Poppy punches into the same spot making me fall of the chair. I curl up knowing what it coming next.


I soon feel six pointy toed shoes throwing themselves into my stomach. I start coughing as the air leaves me, two feet leave and grab my hands and turn me over so I now look at the ceiling. The other four feet start to stomp onto my stomach, I start to gasp and then start coughing, coughing, coughing and then the blood comes. They stop then. Laughing at their 'handy work'.


"Oh I forgot, your leaving, so we have to give you that present." Fern explains as she picks me up, as I cough up more blood. At the back of the old room is another door, it's the ancient old stock cupboard with a padlock on the outside only, when your inside the only way out is someone letting you out.    She chucks me in as if I was a piece of rubbish and tosses my bag into my stomach I groan as I feel the pain rush there and I start to cough up some more blood.


"See you never again." They all say together as they close the door and I watch as I fall into utter darkness. I hear their laughing from outside as the door lock clicks as well. I push myself up so I am sitting up so I get a bit more oxygen into me again.


I open my bag and find my phone, my school phone, it's a Nokia. I start a group text with Wendy, Fran and Sam. 'In the old stock again, get me out when schools out, they never changed the lock so same as last time, cover for me please. M x c:' My friends really hate the fact I let them do this to me when I can defend myself. Trust me, I used to try and not give in, but it's just easier when you do.   I sigh as the old bell in the room rattles telling me my last lesson has begun. Well at least it's a Friday right? I groan as I pull myself up, grabbing the wall for support as I walk over to the light switch as I switch it on. I sink back down, grabbing my frizzy ginger hair and tying it up. I have an hour to kill. What do to. I think I'll do some drawing. I reach into my bag pulling out my sketch pad and a pencil. Also I dry swallow some Paracetamol to get rid of the pain, quicker.   I can't actually draw, I just do it out of boredom. I turn to a fresh page and start drawing. I start with the tail of my dolphin,working to its face. It looks really bad for something I have drawn it is pretty good. I yawn, I might as well sleep. I mean none is going to come looking for me. I use my bag as a pillow and lie on my back and doze off.




"Maria, Maz, Mazzini. HHEELLLLOO?" I hear getting screamed down my ear. I quickly sit up like lightening and notice the pain has gone, thank god for people making pain killers.


"Thanks babe, I was getting bored." I say as I get up and hug Sam after we hug she stops and pulls up my jumper and shirt, she sighs and then gasps.


"Maria, is this all from today?" I nods sheepishly trying to pull my clothes back down but she keeps it up and shows Wendy and Fran my exposed chest. Their eyes look like they are going to pop from their heads.   I looks down to my chest to see it completely purple, only tiny bits of skin showing. I sigh "So much for wearing a bikini eh?" I laugh trying to make a joke out of it.


They just all stare at me.   "In a way I am happy your leaving, because I hate seeing this happen to you." Sam says a tear in her eye. Wendy and Fran nod.


"Look guys I am really going to miss you, if you come at 11 am tomorrow we can say our last goodbyes. So for now let's just leave it and we can be all crying and shit tomorrow." They all smile and we all group hug.


"Lets get out of this hell hole." Fran says as she starts to drag us out the school doors. We start the ten minute walk home. I part first and I say goodbye. I walk into my house locking the door after me.   "MOM I AM HOME." I shout. I walk into the kitchen and drop my bag in there and pick up and apple, I bend down to get a glass when a sharp pain attack the side of my stomach. Ouch, I guess I'm going to have to be careful. I pore a glass of juice and chomp on my apple.


I can hear my mom distantly talking to someone from work about the fact she is switching to the Australian police. I swear my mom works with people who are deaf, she must have explained this about twenty billion times. I actually feel sorry for her. The house looks a bit empty at the moment, with most of it waiting in Australia. My mom let me design the new house, as most of the time she is going to be on police business trips. I don't mind anyways.



I look at my watch it was already about 5pm anyways. I have nowhere to be or go. I walk up to my bedroom and pull out a medium sized male shirt with the words; 'Falling In Reverse' on it and I dump my entire school uniform in the wash bin. I pull my hair into a plait as I plait it quickly I then get into my bed with my shirt and pants, pulling up the blankets, grabbing my three teddies and falling asleep.

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