There's Always Someone On The Other Side

Avery is a normal teenage girl. She goes to school and has fun. But what happens when she add some teen stranger named Josh?


1. Meeting Him

I get up like any other day. It's Sunday. I sit up on my bed and realize I left Facebook open. I decided to get back on and sign back in. I get on and see a new friend request.

Josh  Hut

I don't know who he is so I looked at his profile.

Pretty normal guy.

I click the confirm button and log out. My phone goes off and it says I have a Facebook message.

That's weird. I thought

I log back onto the computer to see who it's from

Josh Hut:



Hi. Do I know you or anything??

Josh Hut:

I don't think we've met but we go to the same school


Oh. What grade are you in. I've never heard of you before.

Josh Hut:

9th but I have some like special classes


Oh i'm in 9th! I gotta go eat breakfast but nice talking to you Josh

Josh Hut:

I know



Josh Hut:

Nothing. Gotta go!

After that he quickly logged off.

Now that was weird. I thought.

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