This is Not a Cute Love Story

27-year-old Caroline Henderson wasn't one for love, but just seconds after meeting Jonathan Paterson, her life changed upside down, although she has a hard time admitting it. But as you read this book, please remember; this is not a cute love story.


1. Remembrance

I was never one for love, not even as a child. I never had a crush on a boy, let alone a boyfriend. I used to think of myself as a live-life-on-my-own type of person, until Jonathan Paterson came along, that is.

Now married with a baby on the way, I am happier than ever. Easy enough to say, I owe it all to Jonathan.

I know you're probably wondering who he is and why I owe all my success, achievement, and wellness to him, but there's quite a bit of a back story to it. If you're in it for the long run, stick around, if not, don't bother reading any further because once you're a part of it, you can't leave and I will promise you this. But as you read, just remember; this is not a cute love story.

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