1. The one, who can make a sense of my life ...


When you ask me what I need
the only answer would be 
' To feel your strong arms around me,
to make me feel I'm not alone
and that I've got somebody
to live my life with. '


I hope you know
that I won't ask you for anything.
seeing you being happy
is the best thing I can have. 
It's hard to imagine the Universe
without your existance. 


When the whole world disappears
but you would survive,
you know I'd be beside you. 


But when the world exists
and I couldn't find you in it,
my life would be meaningless.


I belive you, when you say
you won't let anyone hurt me.
My life lays on your hands
and it's safe there,
because it's the part od your own. 

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