Moving away

When Anastasia finds out she is moving to England ,she is not happy. She realises how many choices she has to make but her biggest one of all is chooseing between her boyfriend and friends or her family.
But it doesn't help when she is at the best dance school in america which could offer her lots of oppertunities and succseses in life and her teachers don't want her to go either.
Which one will she choose America or England........


1. What???

This is the worst day ever, first i find out i got a D in my math test and then i get a phone call from my mom and dad saying that they are moving to England in a week and thats how long i have to decide.I don't know what to do there are lots of things going through my mind now.It didn't go well when i told my BFF Lola and my boyfriend Harry, they took it the wrong way and thought i had decided to go with my mom and dad already.Oh well i suppose i have another week to tell them.

The next day at school was a bit better Lola and Harry understood and both want me to stay here in New York. Harry and i also had a romantic picnic in the park after school, we ate hotdogs and had icecream afterwoods my favourite!!!

At about six o clock Lola and i started planning my birthday party on thursday."Oooooo Anastasia what about a pyjama party"Lola sugested.

"Ummm well sounds good but boys are going to be there aswell so its probably not a very good idea" I replied.

"Yeah i suppose your right"

"Anyways we should probably go to bed now,we will sort it out tomorrow"





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