Doggy and Daddy

I stumbled accross this whilst clearing out my laptop. It was an essay i wrote a year or two ago, and i think its really cute, so i decided it deserved to be posted to Movellas :) enjoy x


1. On the run

I  ran as fast as I could, clutching my dog Peppermint in my arms. I ran right down  to the bottom of the street and down the narrow dark alley. I crouched down to catch my breath. I don’t really know who I was running from, but that old guy…something about him made me shiver, and the way he looked at me. I sat panicked and scared not knowing what to do or where to go. I thought of taking the shortcut through the field back to Zahra’s or braving the long route to sunny house. But the guy could be there. He could be watching me now. 
It was when Peppermint started howling that I decided I needed to move on. I convinced myself that my mind was playing tricks on me, I walked back to Zahra’s. it is a cold and long walk. Eventually I arrive back home to a warm welcome of dogs jumping up at me.
“Gracie!” said little Sarah, clinging at my leg.
“Grace! is that you?” Questioned Zahra from the kitchen.
“Yes Auntie Zahra, I was away walking Peppermint.”
“Did you get something to eat?” She asked now standing in the doorway of the kitchen and no longer having to shout.
“yeah” I mumbled. I bought a bar of Cadburys milk  chocolate half an hour ago, but was hoping for a bowl of spag-bol.
“Hi dear, how was your walk?” It was my kind-of-uncle, Albert.
“Fine thanks,” I replied.
We ate dinner in silence apart from Kathy (my real little sister) wailing because she burnt her tongue.
That evening, Albert asked, “Hey kiddo, come tell me what’s up?”
I replied, “I’m really sorry if I have been acting weird uncle Al. Maybe I just need some sleep,” and to that I wandered off to bed.
I woke up late, the sun seeping in and my alarm ringing in my ears. 
“Grace honey, I want you to come down to breakfast and switch your alarm off!” It was Zahra, still in her silky pyjamas and fluffy pink slippers.
“Cant I sleep in?” I begged.
“Ten minutes and then do please come down, we’ve got some important news for you!”
As she left, one of the families many dogs, Spot, wandered in and jumped up on my bed getting tangled in sheets. As I untangled him I noticed the tennis ball in his mouth.
“Okay,” I whispered, stroking his back. I shooed him out of my room and got changed into joggies, hi-tops and an old grey tee.
“Grace! Come down stairs now please!”
“Just coming!” I rushed downstairs, to our large Victorian kitchen/diner, Spot chasing not far behind.
“Ah,” sighed Albert.
“Well, what’s the ‘Big news?’” I asked excitedly.
“Mrs Kripton the social worker called last night,” Said Zahra. 
My face turned and I groaned loudly. “No! They’ll take me and Kathy away, wont they?”
“No Sweetie, that’s your choice,” Informed Albert. “If you want to stay with us you can. But before you make your mind up please listen to what we have to say. Neither of us like it any more than you but its best you know.” 
“Anyhow,” Sighed Zahra. “Mrs K. says that she’s been working on your case all week, and has solved the missing piece of the jigsaw,” She said, obviously being very careful with her wording. “Uncle Harry?” She questioned.
“Yeah, I know him.” I dulled. I knew alright. He was the filthiest, hairiest, tallest person I think I have probably ever met, with the most irritating high pitched voice. I last met him at my Mum and Dad’s wedding, almost eight years ago.
Interrupting my thoughts, Albert told me “He’s coming to meet you in two hours. But don’t worry, we’re here, for both of you. And no matter what happens in there,” he pointed at my heart, “we’ll be supporting you all the way,” Oh, how I love him for that. I gave him a big bear hug and he ruffled my hair.
I forgot about what was waiting for me, and passed the time with a tennis ball and an awful lot of adorable dogs! It started off just me and Spot throwing the luminous ball about the large field of grass, but one by one each of the other nine dogs wandered out and I was soon surrounded by barking-mad dogs and two screaming toddlers (that would be Kathy and Sarah running wild as if they’d just escaped the local zoo!)
Zahra called us in for a lunchtime-kings-feast, she had made chocolate milkshake and ham sandwiches. Once we had all finished and she had presented a glorious, gooey, warm chocolate gateau and we had cleared a good thick chunk each- I topped up all of the dogs water bowls and each lapped down ferociously, so therefore I topped up seconds, then thirds, and fourth’s as well for a few greedy guts!
“Up! Lift me up, Gracie!” It was Kathy.
The thing with my sister is she never speaks, unless something bad, scary or life-threatening was about to take place. Like the crash. 
Five minutes before the call of burly Police men at our door, Kathy had asked for a hug, only about the tenth time she’d ever spoken in her short life.
This feels like one of those moments.
I lift her up and spin her round, she’s squealing with sheer excitement,  and digging her little sharp nails into my arm as she clings on for her life!
Albert frightens me by running through and sweeping her fragile body out of my arms and spinning her until I was to dizzy to watch!
“Put her down!” Zahra screamed at him as she came in to the room, shaking her head.
“Just having fun, ain’t we kiddo?” he said indicating Kathy. She nods resting her head on his shoulder.
“Sleepy,” she murmured and closed her eyes.


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