Paper stars [ON HIATUS]

What would you do if you were given three wishes, what would you wish for? Maybe something that you desperately need to have.. or maybe make the boy you like, like you back.. But then after a while, you realize that you didn't really need those wishes, all you needed was patience.. because even miracles take a little time. [ON HIATUS]


14. Chapter 13


I made contact with the blanket and everything else underneath it, and surprisingly, I landed on something incredibly soft.. I looked under the blanket, it was filled with pillows and stuff toys and some other blankets. I looked at Harry who was now joining me in the sea of fluffy pillows. 

Me: "So this is the reason why you rented the truck?" I asked and he nodded. I lay down and he sat closer to me. He then pulled out a picnic basket, which means food. 

So we ate for about an hour. Yes, for some reason I eat really slow sometimes.. We talked about more random things, just like old times. I've always loved Harry as friend that I had a crush on and now it's quite difficult for me to realize that I'm on a date with him, it just feels like we're hanging out. And I like that Harry's not doing anything to impress me or something like that, he knows exactly what I wanted and gave even more. 

Me: "Harry?" I started

Harry: "Mhm?"

Me: "Remember that song you wrote on your notebook.." I said and he smiled

Harry: "The one you composed.." He remembered "We recorded that song" 

Me: "I heard" I stated monotonously 

Harry: "What about it?"

Me: "I just wanted to know what happened to it.." 

Harry: "Well one day, we were working on the album and I remembered that song. I looked for my old notebook and I talked to the boys about it, it was easy for us to record that because it's already composed and it already has lyrics. The only thing we did was give the song a title" He explained

Me: "I guess you guys owe me" I teased

Harry: "Yeah we do.." He said chuckling. "Chyn.." He started "Did you, by any chance, miss me?"

Me: "Well, my plan was go to America and never see you again.." I sort of joked "But Liz is a huge Directioner, and she talks about you guys a lot, so I'm kind of updated about whatever's happening in your life.. But I never realized that I missed you until I remembered you" I said, and he was quite confused "I was told about the life of Harry Styles from One Direction, but the person I remembered was Harry Styles from Holmes Chapel" I clarified. He pulled me close and kissed my forehead 

Harry: "No matter how many times I thank you, it will never be enough" 

Me: "You don't have to thank me"

Harry: "Chyn, I've done things to you that shouldn't be done to anyone, especially you. And despite all of those you forgave me even though I haven't said sorry yet"

Me: "I know you Harry. I can tell if you're lying, if you're not happy, if there's something bothering you, heck I can tell whatever it is that's happening in your life." I said and he just looked at me "You wanna know why? Because you are, and forever will be my best friend" I said solemnly 

Harry: "What if I don't want to be your best friend?" He asked deeply and I looked at him, he looked down to my lips then back to my eyes "What if I want to be more than your best friend..?" He said more of a statement than a question

Me: "You can try.. Good luck then" I decided to play around

Harry: "You really enjoy messing with me don't you?" He said chuckling "Well I am trying" He said all serious again "Really hard" He added

Me: "Then what if you're already more than my best friend?" I threw back at him 

Harry: "You know me too well.." He said and hugged me real tight "I haven't even asked the real question.." 

Me: "Shoot"

Harry: "Will you be my girlfriend?"

Me: "I already am, duh" I joked, I can never take Harry seriously no matter how serious the situation is. He on the other hand just chuckled and put his arm around me then looked at the stars above, which we could barely see because of the clouds

Harry: "I've dreamed of this day for so long" He said and then stole some kisses 

The rest of the night was full of cuddling under the layers of thick blankets, chatting about random things and some kissing. The last thing I remembered was Harry singing softly and I drifted off to sleep


*Harry's P.O.V*


I woke up and all I saw was darkness, I blinked again and still I saw nothing. AM I GOING BLIND? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?? It took me a few moments to realize that there were pillows and blankets over me, I took then off revealing the sun and it's light although I think it's like 3 am or something it's like sunrise. I remembered that Chynna and I put layers of blankets above us before going to sleep, so that's why. I looked beside me, my hand was wrapped around Chynna and he was curled up beside me, her hand around my torso. I stared at her for a moment, her eyes closed, a slight smile on her face, her chest arising and falling slowly. I must be like Edward Cullen..A guy that enjoys watching their girlfriend sleep. I remember that scene from Twilight.. "I like watching you sleep, it's kind of fascinating to me." Well I can relate to that right now. I checked my phone, 6:24 am! "Crap" I whisper-shouted and I felt Chynna wake up. "Sorry" I apologized 

Me: "Sorry for waking you up but Central Park opens in about a few minutes and we're still here" I explained. I didn't really expect that we'll fall asleep here so I didn't really worry much but we fell asleep so now we have to leave before the park opens and I have to bring back the truck. Chynna was still sleepy, I helped her to the passenger's seat and she made herself comfortable my sitting in the same position she was in when we got here. I drove out of Central Park and to the place where I rented the truck, which is a bit far. We also stopped by a really cool cafe for some coffee and we even found the time to stop by and buy some sweets. We then stopped to get some breakfast since it was already around 9 o'clock. I realized I didn't really think this through. So we left the truck at the place and payed for it and we had to carry blankets full of pillows back to the hotel. Which was a long walk...

Me: "I'm sorry we had to do this" I apologized as we were walking around New York City with three blankets full of pillows. We probably look like Santa Claus with no costumes and had bags full of pillows..

Chynna: "I don't mind, It's kinda fun really. It makes this day unforgettable because this is something I don't usually do" She said looking at the bright side. Which is something I admired about her. She always looks at the positive side no matter how much the situation sucks. She's so much more than an optimist. After about a few decades we reached my hotel, well the back cause even from a mile away you could probably still hear the screams of all the fans outside. It was about 1 pm, we returned all the pillows and blankets then went up to the boys. Well that was long morning.. 


*Chynna's P.O.V.*


Me: "Hey guys" I greeted them as I sat on the sofa 

Louis: "So have you guys kissed and made up?" He asked eagerly and I nodded. He then let go of that topic and bragged all about the new video they posted on my channel that got millions of views

Me: "You guys should open your own channel" I suggested

Niall: "Nah.. I don't think so"

Me: "C'mon! I can be your cameraman! -woman" I corrected myself "Whatever.." 

Niall: "How 'bout you record and post it on your channel" He suggested "Because I'm quite sure that we can't run our own channel" 

Me: "Alright then" 

"Woah, woah, woah" Someone said. I turned around and saw a tall man "What's this about posting videos?" He asked "And who are you?" He asked me but before I could even answer the boys answered for me

Louis: "Her name's Chynna"

Liam: "Born the 21'st of February 1995 in Cheshire"

Zayn: "Lives in Brooklyn, Brooklyn heights or also known as "Brooklyn Village" to be exact"

Harry: "Graduated Valedictorian in High School, Sophomore at NYU"

Niall: "Double Major in Journalism and Political Science, Minor in Educational Theatre" Wow they know a lot about me...Since when did I share this kind of information to them?? 

"And?" Then man asked once more

Harry: "Mr best friend/ girlfriend" He added and the man stopped asking questions. 

"I'm Paul, nice to meet you" He said, now in a more friendy tone and shook my hand "Now, I'll just speak with management about those videos you're speaking of" He said then left the room

Me: "Have you guys been stalking me?!?!?" I explained with bits of laughter 

Liam: "Not really.."

Niall: "We tweeted asking all about you and your fans replied all the information they know about you. So technically, we haven't been stalking you" He explained

Louis: "But they didn't say anything about being Harry's girlfriend..." He said cheekily 

Harry: "Shut up Lou" He said then threw a pillow at him. We then played some video games and talked about a bunch of random stuff and watched a few movies, wow this was a lazy day.. I haven't even changed yet and I know I'm probably covered in dirt but I actually don't feel dirty. Plus, I still smell quite nice so I just take a bath in a few minutes. I'm not really like that actually, the moment I wake up the morning the first thing in my mind is to take a bath.. Well I guess it's gonna be a lazy day.. I took my time to look around the hotel room, which was quite big

Me: "Who's room is this?" I asked and Louis pointed to Harry, I nodded in return. I looked to the room to my left and the door was slightly open I noticed something black and shiny. I stood up and entered the room, and I saw my old guitar. A smile appeared on my face as I picked it up and walked back to the boys 

Niall: "Uhh you're not allowed to touch that!" Niall warned me as I sat back down to my old position 

Me: "And why not?" 

Zayn: "Harry doesn't let anyone touch that. He doesn't even use it or play with it or whatever, he just brings it everywhere we go" He explained

Liam: "He sits around and stares at it, or cleans it from time to time. He said it has to stay as shiny and glossy as possible" He added and I looked at Harry in amazement and disbelief and he just looked down in embarrassment 

Me: "You kept this? You kept it safe and clean.." I said and strummed it "You kept it in tune" 

Niall: "Actually I did.. He was just the one who touched it" He said in his defense and I smiled at him. I started playing 'I Wish' 

"He takes your hand, I die a little" I sang softly and the boys all watched me. 

Me: "Who were you thinking when you wrote this?" I suddenly asked Harry 

Harry: "Uhhh.. a girl I had a crush on since second grade" He said, obviously 

Me: "I meant the 'he', duh" I said, OBVIOUSLY "I think you were the only one holding my hand back then, that's a boy" I explained and the boys were confused, they know nothing about the conversation me and Harry were having

Harry: "I wasn't the only one" He said "And Jake did hold your hand once" He said all jealous

Louis: "Alright, I know nothing about this" He complained in a real loud voice 

Me: "Harry wrote that song for the girl he had a on crush since second grade.." I cooed 

Harry: "A.K.A. YOU" He said and rested his head on my lap , which made me giggle

Me: "And I read it then I composed it" I finished and the boys clearly understood 

Liam: "Explains why we didn't actually do much with the song, we just sang and gave it a title" He realized "Which means we owe you then" 

Me: "Nah it's alright, at least something good happened to the song" I said and started messing with Harry's face and hair... Aww I remember Cookie... "I miss Cookie.." I said in a sad tone 

Niall: "You've only been away from him for like ten hours" He stated 

Me: "Yeah but.. I miss him... " I said and ran my hands through Harry's hair 

Harry: "Now you're just treating me like a dog.." He said and made me chuckle a bit 

Me: "I miss my little baby.. I remember doing that to him at the backyard back at home" I smiled remembering the memory 

Zayn: "You really can't stay away from him, can't you" He said and someone knocked on the door, and one of the boys' bodyguards, I think came in 

"Some girl is outside saying that you know her and she demands to be let in" He said calmly and then the door burst open and Cookie ran in and jumped on me and Harry, followed by Liz storming in but being held back by security. Liam and Zayn went to help her and she came in all angry with the guards. I held Cookie close to me and ran my hands through his fur, as I always do 

Liz: "You guys could've at least told them about me.." She complained all stressed out then dumped some suitcases into the corner 

Me: "Liz calm down, why do have our suitcases? With you? What the hell happened?" 

Liz: "Well, remember when we only booked the hotel for two weeks? Well I was given the bill this morning and they charged us over two thousand dollars on room service" She complained angrily 

Liam: "Niall! I told you not to eat that much!" 

Liz: "Wanna know more?" Wow she was pissed off "I'm broke. I paid for everything and now whether you guys like it or not we're staying here" She stated then went into a vacant room 

Louis: "Woah, she's really upset" 

Me: "Oh don't worry after her 'I'm angry' mode she'll be begging you guys to stay here.." I said as I texted Charles, Ash, Jess, Keith and Ryan that we were at the boy's hotel

Liam: "Alright I'll get your room keys, then" He announced before leaving the room 

Me: "Thank you" 

Niall: "Oh don't thank us, especially me, I'm the reason why you got charged thousands of dollars over room service.." He said all embarrassed and stuff, he buried his face in his hands

Me: "Aww Niall it's alright" I said comforting him, I put my arm around him to make him feel better "I understand your relationship with food.." I sort of joked 

Niall: "You're the only one who's ever said that to me... Man, I love you" He said and hugged me which made me giggle. 

Me: "Plus I think I'm half of the reason why all of that happened" I admitted and it made him feel better 

Zayn: "Wow, you must be the girl version of Niall..." He said as I released Niall from the hug, I then stood up to fix our suitcases 

Harry: "What about me?" I heard Harry say, I looked at him and he was giving me a sad pout. I stuck my tongue out at him and giggled. I then walked out of the room with Cookie following me, Liam gave me my room key, he said that the whole floor was empty and that my room was just next to Harry's.

Me: "Umm Liam?" I called him before I entered my room 

Liam: "Yeah?"

Me: "Could you please tell your bodyguards about Charles and the others, they'll be coming over later" I said politely

Liam: "Of course" He replied with a smile

Me: "Thanks again" I said and left Liz's suitcases in front of her room and I went inside mine and unpacked. 

First, I took a warm shower, that I've waiting for all day. I used my raspberry scented body wash, as usual. I love how my body wash is also an aroma therapy, it relaxes me everytime. I changed into my black harem pants, a neon green tank top and a yellow off shoulder sweater. Then I brought out my laptop and all of the other things that I brought for vlogging. I set up my computer at the table by the window then after that I brought out some shoes and I put all my toiletries in the bathroom. I heard the door open and close, I didn't bother checking 'cause it must be just one of the boys. I put my toiletries in the bathroom and when I returned to my bedroom I saw Harry playing with Cookie. I went back to fixing my things, I decided to leave my clothes in my suitcase so I didn't really have much to fix. I moved my suitcase to the side, and when I turned around I almost bumped into Harry who was now inches away from me. I looked at him, he had a huge smirk on his face, I stuck my tongue out at him again and he just chuckled. I took a step to my left so I could walk past him but he copied my actions, blocking my way again. I took a step to my right and he blocked me again

Me: "Alright Harry what do you want?" I asked in defeat

Harry: "I want my hug" He said simply. I giggled and put my arms around him, and he did the same, kissing my head 

Me: "That what you wanted?" I asked still not releasing him from the hug 

Harry: "Yeah.." He said softly 

Me: "You don't sound pleased.." I said and looked at him and he chuckled deeply 

Harry: "I'm starting to hate that you know everything about me.." He whispered, still chuckling softly

Me: "Well I like it.. because I'm always right.." I said mischievously. And all of a sudden, a loud blasting of music came from the room above us, and I recognized it as 'La Cumparsita'. I mean, who wouldn't? They may not know the title of the piece but they must know the beat and the rhythm, it should be at least familiar to them.. It's a very popular song, to the world of ballroom dance, specifically tango, and I remember dancing to it once. But why would the people above our room play that song in like 100% volume? Not that I don't like it, I just don't see a reason why they'd play it. A sly grin formed on my face as I moved my hands from around his torso, to one on his shoulder and the other holding his hand, and he just chuckled in return. 

Harry: "You definitely have something with tango.." He said, moving his hand to the small of my back and tightening his grip to my hand with the other

Me: "It's a very unique dance.." I said the moment we started dancing "Plus, I'm a dancer, I can't help it" I added

Harry: "So every time you hear music you dance?" He asked and made me giggle

Me: "It's not like that, Styles. When you hear the music, you feel electricity rushing through your blood and it controls you, making you move with the melody.." I said passionately and I felt his hand move higher from my back "You can feel it in your blood. Us dancers are like our own special kind of people, who express something through actions and not just words" I explained to him "I mean, actions speak louder than words, right?" I said with a smirk on my face

Harry: "Yeah..." He whispered "Yeah, they do" He added and pulled me closer, I tried to pull away but he just pulled me much more closer, making me bump into his chest and it made me giggle. We danced like that 'till the end of the song but then I noticed that it was an extended version so we just kept dancing. And I noticed something changed with Harry

Me: "You know.." I stared and he looked at me, his full attention on me "Tango isn't just about sex" I said with a smirk on my face. And my suspicion was correct as he looked down and I noticed his cheeks go red.

Harry: "Uhm...uh.. what made you say that?" 

Me: "I can see it in your eyes" I said, making direct eye contact with him again as he looked at me "The way you look at me as we dance"

Harry: "What about it?" He asked still not looking away from my eyes

Me: "You never looked at me like that before" 

Harry: "Actions speak louder than words, right?" He whispered before colliding his lips with mine, which caught me off guard and I felt my body move backwards but his hand was supporting me, making sure I didn't fall and his other placed on my cheek. I moved my hand to the back of his neck, the other on his shoulder, moving down to his chest. I pushed him forward until he was leaning on the wall. I felt him smile through the kiss as I let him remove my sweater then he pushed me towards the bed but as me fell down I made sure I was on top of him. I felt him smile again as I helped him remove his shirt then he moved over so that he was laying on top of me. His hand had a tight grip on my shirt, but before he could do anything I moved away from underneath him and walked towards the door, chuckling. I looked back at him, who was laying on the bed with a smirk on his face. Oh how I love to mess with Harry..

Me: "Au revoir..." I teased talking a bow "..mademoiselle.." I added then walked out to the hallway where I was greeted by Cookie, I didn't even notice him leave my room. I entered Harry's room where everyone else was, except Liz  and Zayn and Charles, Jess, Keith, Ash and Ryan were there as well. I sat on kitchen counter, more like kitchenette with a counter.

Louis: "What's with the sex hair?" He asked and my eyes grew wide

Me: "I did not have sex" I stated, with bits of laughter coming out of my mouth. Why would they even think that...

Louis: "Then what's with your hair"

Me: "Harry did it.. we did NOT have sex!" I stated again, knowing he'll think I just had sex with Harry. Zayn then went in with a blue shirt

Zayn: "Who's shirt is this? I found it in my suitcase" He showed us a blue tank top with a superman logo on it

Me: "That shirt's awesome!" I exclaimed and took the shirt from him

Niall: "I believe that belongs to me" 

Me: "Well I'm wearing it" I said as I started to wear it I stopped and asked "This is clean, right?"

Niall: "Haven't worn it yet" He replied

Zayn: "Fresh from my suitcase" He added and I wore the shirt. It was Niall's so it was big on me, I tied it so that it was up to my waist then I sat back on the kitchen counter. Harry then came in, and just finished wearing his shirt and he was greeted with weird glares by the boys 

Harry: "I didn't have sex" He replied, as if he read the boys minds. He then approached me and stood in between my legs "You smell like Niall..." He said which made us all chuckle

Ash: "What exactly does Niall smell like?" She asked, trying to control her laughter

Harry: "I dunno.. just Niall.." 

Jess: "You guys should start a perfume collection featuring each one of the boys scent" She suggested/joked and the boys seemed interested by it 

Harry: "Why do you smell like Niall?"

Me: "This is Niall's shirt" I said referring to the superman tank top

Harry: "So now you just wear other guy's shirts?"

Me: "Niall's shirt seemed to be pretty damn awesome and I wanted to wear it" I said then looked at the time "We better be going guys" I announced "We don't want to be late.." I added

We had a hard time 'escaping' the hotel because of all the screaming fans, and because the boys were with us, and after a couple minutes we finally got away and we arrived at the venue, where a lot of people were already present. Once we stepped out of the car, people started screaming louder 







We took the time to spend some time with our fans, taking pictures with them, giving them our autographs.. We don't really get this a lot, only when there are formal and arranged events, but there are some people we meet at the street and asks for pictures. The moment the boys stepped out people started screaming louder again, most were fans of both the boys and us, and the boys did the same, taking pictures and signing things. 

We reached the backstage, and we went to our dressing rooms to change into our costumes which were just some grey harem pants, cropped tank tops for the girls, ordinary tank tops for the boys, cropped leathery jackets for the girls and ordinary leathery jackets for the boys. We don't really get all glamorous with our outfits because first, we need to be comfortable with the clothes we wear while we dance, second we don't really want to spend much money on our outfits. As long as we look good on them and we can dance comfortably in them, we're good with that. 

The boys watched us from backstage as we danced. I noticed people some people were filming us, some were taking pictures, some were holding up banners and shouting and screaming things. And I really appreciate that. We do what we love to do, which is dancing and posting videos, and we share them to the world and people do this in return. I just can't believe that they would spend money just to see us dance, or take their time to watch our videos on YouTube. I don't really see it as a job, and I don't want do, knowing that because of that we earn money makes me feel confused about how the world works. 


"Get out, get out, get out of your bed!" I heard Louis yell as he jumped on my bed. I groaned in response and put a pillow over my head. "No, really Chynna, you need to get up" He said in a more serious tone and he stopped jumping as well. I decided not to respond and he just sort of sighed. "Harry's in the hospital, he's in a coma"

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