Supernaturals are guardians of people on earth. They are skilled in fighting and have powers which can help them from guarding their "Chosen Ones". Aden is a supernatural. She have a past that nobody can make her forget. She is the Supernatural of Niall. Niall Horan is the a popular boy in school, together with Liam, Harry, Louis, Zayn.

What will happen in the end?? Better find out by reading.


1. Not on the first day, Niall Horan


Chapter 1 [Aden's Point of View]



"This is your chance, Aden. I know you're a good girl. That's why I'm giving you another chance. Don't waste it. Your new chosen one's name is Niall Horan. He's a good boy. But I'm warning you, don't waste this opportunity. You don't want to happen again what happened last year summer, do you?" I shook my head in disagreement. "Very good. Now look for your new person. He's popular in his school. You won't have a hard time looking for him. His picture was in the box. Good luck, Aden."



The screen turned off. I got the picture and started walking out of the old house. From the start, this old house became our headquarters or where you get your new assignment. I got into my Ford and started the engine.



Primo is right. I need to get things right.



We are called Supernaturals. We are trained to protect the normal human beings. We can run very fast and hear things from afar. We vanish and appear if we want to. We heal fast if we are wounded. We stop aging at teenagers' age. We look normal humans. In short, the perfect bodyguards for the normal chosen humans.



I drove fast to the Fairview High. I parked my car at the end of the parking lot. I put on my cardigan and got out of the car. Then I heard a bell rang, so obviously the students are going out of school. And I took look at the picture. God, he looks just like his brother. I shook my head, trying to forget what happened, last year. What happened still hurted me a little.



I went in the school building and looked Niall. I heard a group of nerd girls from a distance. I walked towards them, "Uhmm hello. I just need to look for Niall Horan. Do you know where he is?"



The girls looked at each other and one girl said, "Oh! He is in the parking lot with his friends. They are just celebrating his birthday today. So they are probably going out. Are you new here?”



"Uhmm yeah, thanks!" I said as a walked out of the campus to go to a small hill nearby the school to scan the whole parking lot.



The parking lot is full of expensive cars, bimbos walking with their expensive purses, and jocks walking like kings. I searched the crowd for Niall's face. There are a lot of people walking out of the school.



Then there he is. His innocent face and his smile is the sweetest view. He is with Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. They are just talking about their plans for Niall's birthday. They all look so perfect.



"Hey, let's go to home to celebrate Niall's birthday. My assistant prepared food for us." Zayn told them. "Sure!" The other four agreed. Then they laughed together. I watched them carefully.



I felt a gush of wind behind me, and then someone whispered. "Welcome to the club, sis." I turned to look who they are.



"Oh! Darren! Michael! I'm so glad to see you!" I jumped unto them and hugged them tightly.



Michael laughed, "I'm glad to see you too." Darren asked, "New person?"



"Yes. I need to do well in this. Good thing, Primo gave me another chance." I said. "You have to. I don't want to repeat what happened last year." Darren said. I nodded, "Yeah. Anyway, who are your chosen ones?"



Darren smiled at me, "Mine's Harry Styles."



Michael said, "And mine's Zayn. By the way, little sis, this is Dove and Raven. They are Liam and Louis' Supernaturals."



The girl went near me and hugged me.  "Oh! I'm so glad that we met. I'm getting crazy with these boys. Raven is my twin brother. And my chosen one's Liam."



Raven nodded at me, "Mine's Louis. Don't worry about my sister. She is crazy sometimes, but she’s nice." Then Dove gave him a piercing look.



Darren suddenly said, "Aden, this is your chance. Niall's on trouble."



"What? Where is he?" I asked.



I pushed my brothers out of the view and began looking for Niall. I saw him, looking scared. His back on the wall and a jock was threatening him. All people have their attention on them now. I ran fast and climbed the metal fence. Oh no. The jock was about to punch him. I ran fast in front Niall and took hold of the jock's hand.



"Who are you to stop me? I'm Richard, the most popular jock. Don't you know me?" he said.



"I don't care who you are and what you are. I don't like you and the way you hurt people, so back off.” I said. Richard pulled his other hand and aiming to punch me. Thanks to my Supernatural abilities, I got his other hand in time.



"Niall, go to your friends, now." I commanded him. He ran to the other boys. I saw them hugged each other. Wow, totally adorable.



The jock pushed me against the wall. But I began tightening the hold of his hands, twisted his arms, and threw him away from me. The jock was screaming in pain. I walked towards him and patted his head, "Learn your lesson." I saw everybody's faces. They have wide eyes and dropped jaws, especially the five boys.



I just smirked and started walking to the hill again. As I expected someone called out, "Wait!" I turned to him. “Thank you for saving me." Niall said. His eyes glow in the sun, just like his brother.



"It's my job.” I said. I saw the other four boys’ eyes widen more.



"I want to appreciate it. What's your name?" He asked, with a child-like smile.



I smiled an angel's smile and said, "Not on the first time, Niall Horan. Not on the first time."



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