OneDirection Are In Our House

Betina and her friend Maxinne saw one direction in their house


1. Just Inside My Room

me and my friend maxinne was just inside my room playing computer games. then we heard someone knocking we opened the door and we saw a gentlemen the gentlemen said "Our royal crush are going to sleep in your house." we said "who are they?"  then we saw One Direction appeared in front of us!! One Direction said  "we are going to sleep in your house your very lucky that One Direction are gonna sleep in your house"  then me and maxinne looked in each other's face then we smiled then we said "OKAY" then we let One Direction go inside our house then we  said "we're going to go to school first okay? stay there first" then we went to school. We didn't told our classmates about that One Direction was in our house. Then when we arrived in our house, we saw One Direction doing something Zayn is sleeping,Harry is watching the television,Niall is playing games,Louis is checking he's twitter and Liam is playing basketball. We saw our home is so messy!!! maxinne got mad a little so she slam the door of my room so I just followed her. After we change our clothes we saw One Direction very tired and has sleeped also Zayn of course! he like sleeping. When they woke up they said "lets swim!!!!!" Then we said "OKAY" then we swimmed I saw Harry he has 4 nipples!! I was just looking at he's body  then he saw me!! he said "Betina what are you looking at?" then I said "n-nothing Harry :) let's just continue to swim ^_^ "  After we swim I prepared a food for them

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