The Ring Series: Book 1


1. Action!!!

Buzz. Buzz. My alarm buzzed beside me. I slammed the off button and got out of bed. Finally, I thought. The last day of school. I heard a shuffling down the hall, then the door creaking open.

"Get up, lazy butt," said my older brother Logan. He dumped a wet towel on my face and I jumped out of bed. "C'mon, aren't you gonna give your big brother a punch?" I ignored him and pushed Logan out of my room. I threw on a pair of Bermuda shorts and T-shirt, even though it was 50 degrees outside, and put on some sneakers. I went down to the kitchen where my mom and Logan were having breakfast.

"Are you excited for your last day of school?" my mom asked. I looked up from my plate of pancakes and waffles and nodded.

"No fair, he gets to leave school and I've got school for another week," Logan complained. I snickered silently.

"Now, Logan, your brother has worked very hard to earn this. You be nice about it to him."


Something you should know about my mom, was that she loved me more than Logan. Logan was older and got in trouble a lot more, which explained the scars on his arms and legs. Me, no one laid a hand on me. It was not that I was big, or strong, or mean, or anything. It was just that I had a few friends that handled my bully problems. There was Joe, who acted like a body guard to me, then there was Ryan, who beat up any bullies that picked on me. After that, was Madison, who surprised any of the new bullies who didn't know her.


I'd known Madison since kindergarten. She had thick auburn hair, and blue eyes that matched her hair. Madison always wore shorts and T-shirts, much like me, and hated to have her hair cut short or tied. One day, when she went to a sleepover with some group of popular girls, Madison came back the next day with makeup drawn on her face and her hair cut to her shoulders. I kind of felt sad for Madison, because the boys always made fun of her. I think they're jealous because she can beat every single one of them at anything, anywhere, anytime. But, they always say it's just because they feel like teasing her.

Well anyway, back to the story. So, I got in the car and breathed in the fresh pine-scented air. Logan got in the passenger's seat, while my mom got in the driver's seat and I got in the back.

"Logan, honey, I want you to pick up some groceries on your way home, okay?" Logan moaned and took the grocery list my mom handed him.

My mom dropped Logan and I off at school and we hurried in. I was always late, and I had a felling my teacher hated me because I was late. Logan and I hurried off in different directions. That was when the action started.

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