The Archives of the Heroes: Series One - Foundation.

This is the story of two brothers growing up in our Universe. They manage to find themselves all kinds of trouble and adventures while travelling from galaxy to galaxy with their father.
Or, in some cases, by themselves.


1. Prologue: The Prophecy.


Raer Jaliq Hero walked boldly through the streets on the planet which his people called Uthury Ghan - Certain Death. The sun of the Hades Galaxy did not shine well here, and the doctor forced himself to remember what had induced him to come.

                'Raer, raer!' A small girl cried. Her accent was peculiar - Zraiatormmaein was obviously not her first language. Nevertheless the man understood, and turned his attention to the girl.

                'I am a doctor.' He said, speaking Uthury Ghani as best he could.

                The girl stared at him incredulously, her large brown eyes filling with awe and wonderment. Jaliq could easily guess why. No-one on this planet could even afford to feed themselves, and here he was, dressed neatly in a brown suit with light-grey pinstripes. His brown hair, neatly parted, though spiked naturally at the front, shone, and looked like the sun on this dark planet.

                Jaliq gazed at the girl - her image was reflected in his healthy brown eyes, shining with intelligence. He wondered if she'd ever seen that before, shining eyes.

                'Can you help me, Raer?' The girl continued, speaking a mixture of his mother tongue and hers. Jaliq nodded, and the girl sniffed. 'I grazed my knee.'

                Jaliq smiled - he had a wide, crooked sort of smile. 'Oh, dear. Do you think it will get better?'

                'No.' The girl replied. 'It will get infected, and I will die, just like my brother.'

                Oh, dear. Jaliq hadn't been expecting that at all.

                There was a small whimper, and the doctor shifted the small bundle he was carrying.

                'What's inside the blanket?' The girl asked curiously, perking up.

                Jaliq smiled. 'Would you like to know?'

                The girl nodded eagerly.

                Jaliq moved his burden closer to the girl's face, until she could barely make out the face of a small boy.

                'Oh!' She cried delightedly. 'You have two children.'

                The man smiled and turned to the three year old boy standing patiently beside him. 'Y-yes. Now, is your knee all better?'

                The girl nodded, and wiped her running nose. 'Yes, thank you, Raer. I must go now, Rr.'

                The doctor stood up slowly as the girl ran off. Truly this was the most pitiful planet in the Scatorian Universe. Then again, it was possible there was worse inside this dangerous and unexplored Galaxy of Hades. If it weren't for his job as an administrative doctor, he wouldn't have even known there was worse than Refuge, also in the Hades Galaxy.

                Jaliq Hero, Rr. of medicine, had seen many planets and travelled to many Galaxies for work. His job was to check up on the occasional clinic, and see if there was any way his home planet - Zraiatormma - could assist or aid them. He'd never had much to report before, but this - this was huge.

                The boy in his arms whimpered again, and Jaliq pulled him in closer.

                'Ssh,' he whispered soothingly, making the new born pause thoughtfully. 'We're going home now.'

                Taking hold of the three year old's hand, the man once again began moving through the streets of Uthury Ghan; only this time a little less boldly. He had nearly reached his Lysa (Light-year-speed auto-mobile) when an older, slightly insane man pulled him aside.

                'Do you know what you're carrying there?' He asked, speaking the doctor's mother tongue perfectly.

                Jaliq's expressive eyes flitted from the boys to the man. 'Two boys.' He replied.

                'Is that all you say!' The man cried, coming closer. Now Jaliq could feel the man's beard against his arm, and he didn't like it. Flinching, he took a step back.

                'Please, I don't know what you mean. Let me go, if you would.'

                'What do you call your 'boys'?'

                Jaliq hesitated. 'Tyu and Harr.' He finally replied.

                The man scoffed. 'Original!' He cried.

                'There's nothing wrong with common names.' Jaliq quickly defended himself.

                'No, of course not.' The man agreed, a hint of sarcasm in his voice. Not when your name - in your mother tongue - means 'father' and 'earnest'. Those look pretty good compared with 'boy' and 'child'.

                'They're popular. I just wanted my boys to fit in.'

                The man scoffed again. ''Your boys' will never fit in. They are destined - or doomed, if you prefer - to stand out. No, I must insist that you call them Strongh and Liart.'

                Jaliq's eyes widened in horror. 'Well, that's all very well for Strongh - I'm sure he'll appreciate his name meaning favoured one - but what about poor Liart? How do you think he'll feel about being called 'rejection'?'

                'Only in your tongue, Rr.'

                There was a pause, as Jaliq knotted his eyebrows thoughtfully. 'Besides,' he eventually began again, 'which would be which?'

                'The younger is Liart.' The old man replied.

                'No... I can't do that, I'm sorry. As unoriginal as Tyu and Harr are I can't call my child 'rejection'.'

                'But that is how things are to turn out. The older will be favoured, and the younger rejected.'

                Jaliq was intrigued, and his eyes searched his elder's for information. 'By whom?'

                The man's eyes filled with a deep sadness as he replied, 'you shall eventually find out. But for now, just remember you must change their names. Strongh and Liart, I insist. Both are destined to become either a protector or a destroyer. There is no real guarantee which is which or if one goes for both.'

                'Whoa, wait,' Jaliq interrupted, his head beginning to spin, 'are you trying to prophecy? Because you know that's ridiculous.'

                'Rr., I don't have to prophecy to know that you named these children thoughtlessly and incorrectly. I also don't have to be a genius to work out that these two children will stand out.'

                'So how do you know, exactly?'

                The man only smiled mysteriously. 'Well, you can't expect me to go telling secrets like that. I've told you enough as it is.' Then, turning to the baby, he smiled warmly. Patting the boy gently on the head he cooed, 'goodbye, Liart.'

                'No!' Jaliq objected. 'I'm not re-naming my children just because some old coot like you told me to!'

                The man frowned sternly. 'Now, now. Remember to respect your elders. Besides, their names are boring. What does your wife think?'

                Jaliq looked away, unsure of how to reply. 'I... I don't have a wife.'

                The man smiled mischievously, as if he knew far more than he possibly could. 'Of course you don't. Well then, take my advice and find yourself one - soon. These boys will be far more than you can handle on your own.'

                Jaliq nodded, his eyes downcast, and the old man finally stepped aside.

                'Good luck!' He cried, as Jaliq walked sombrely to his Lysa.

                Carefully, with the utmost tenderness, he secured the two children in the back seats. Then, tiredly, he secured himself in the front. After a sigh and the push of a button, the Lysa revved its engine, and tore through space to reach his home planet in the Pure Way.

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