(btw i love one direction so this is just for spare time)hi im chloe and i love one direction me and my mate alicia have tickets to see there show when it all gets bad what will happen :( xxx


1. concert time xx

hi my name is chloe and me and my mate alicia love one direction my fav has got to be zayn.

me and alicia have got tickets to see them tomorrow at 10 am so we would have to get up pretty early .

it was 8:30 in the morning i phoned alicia 

alicia:yess im up ok 

me:hurry today is going to be amazing ok 



as we came of the phone i got changed and went to make breakfast,i went to go and pick alicia up from her house she was waiting out side she loved harry styles he was her fav .we where on our way when i heard a knock on my window i looked out to see harry styes stood in front of me i panicked and alicia jumped in to the back seat and hid harry looked at her and said "hey babe you ok there" as he got into the back of my car alicia said "do you mind this isnt your car ok" i was surprized to hear that come out of her mouth she loved him what was going on with her.he grabbed her arm and she screamed in pain "dont ever speak to me in that tone ever again got it bitch" she was so scared so was i he told me i had to drive him to the concert so i did as i was we pulled up zayn came running to the car i jumped and told him to help us but would will update soon got lots of home work to do xx




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