An Easter Bunny Incident

The kids of the world don't get their Easter eggs so the queen of the world has a meeting with the Easter bunny to see if he ate all of the chocolate eggs. What will happen next?!!!
find out when you read this book


1. The big problem.

It was Easter morning and all of the children of the world were very disappointed. They didn't get their lovely, scrumptious chocolate eggs. Lots of children cried so their Mummies and Daddies had to buy them chocolate themselves!!! It still wasn't the same though.

The Queen of the world was very cross. Her name was Gloria and she was a very nice lady with elegant, curly blonde hair with a sparkly tiara. She wore long, pink gowns and had a selection of wonderful high-heels. When someone did something very naughty, she had to punish them, but first she needed to know the truth about the crime. Gloria had a meeting with Mr Easter Bunny and he swore that he did not eat the chocolate eggs. Gloria did not believe him because it did not explain how the Easter eggs went. All of a sudden, the swingy doors of the house above the clouds, that no-one can find except from Fairy Tale creatures, slammed open. It was the Tooth fairy! She fluttered over to Gloria and said daintily,"Your Highness, Mr Easter Bunny did not do it.I promise, I saw Jack Frost take the eggs, that were ready to be given, out of the basket and he ran away before I could stop him!"

" Where is Jack frost?"Gloria replied.

" In the ice Castle my Royal Highness," said the Tooth Fairy. So off they went leaving Mr Easter Bunny behind, and they journeyed to Jack Frosts ice Castle. In less than 16 minutes, Gloria and the Tooth Fairy were back, Jack Frost trailing behind. They slumped him on a chair but he did not confess. Both Mr Easter Bunny and Jack Frost had to go into the Lie detector room but so they couldn't get away, they had to be carried. The Guards carried them both but one of the guards felt and egg shaped object in Jack Frosts pocket. The guard took the mysterious object out and gasped. It was one of the chocolate eggs!!

Jack Frost was taken to the dungeons and Mr Easter Bunny was let free. He promised that he would keep an eye on the eggs from then on.


                                And then they lived happily ever after.   


                                                       The end

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