Seaweed Brain's sister

If you're a Percy Jackson fan you would have regonized this right away. Anyways this a story I made. It's about a girl who comes to Camp Half-blood and Percy is shocked at who she is. The seven from the Heros of Olympus series including Nico Di Angelo and this girl are going on a new quest. A love triangle brews between this girl and two others. Will this change how the quest will turn out? Who will return and who will not?

I've also put this story on Wattpad if anyone is interested. My username is lottieismyname so look that up and you'll see it on there. I couldn't put the cover page on for some reason though.


1. Prologue

This story takes place when Percy and Annabeth are 17, so are the other main characters. It's about a girl who arrives at the shore of camp-half blood. She's recognized as someone very special and everybody is surprised at who she is. The seven in the prophecy from the Heroes of Olympus series including Nico Di Angelo and this new girl get a quest which puts many in danger and others in shock. Who will survive in this and who will get to meet Hades in the underworld? Will a love triangle ruin this entire quest? 



Yes I realize that making another book is probably retarted of me seeing as I haven't done much on my other books. But I have ideas for a book and I don't want them to leave my mind by the time I finish the other books. I'm going to focus on this book and I was young. I'm not gonna do much for Without you because it was supposed to come after I was young. So yeah hope u dont hate this book! I may not have all my facts straight about the seven in the great prophecy but I'll try my best with this story! And I am currently working on I was young also so look forward to it please. 

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