TeXt Me!

Mel is your basic social outcast. But when she wins a competition to spend a week in New York with a fashion designer, and she can bring one friend, she is bombarded with thousands of people asking for her number, texting her, and basically doing everything possible to be chosen to come with her - but as this happens, her old friends, Shannon and Rose drift away. What can she do to get them back?


1. sunday 14th October

So, today, got up, talked to Rose on the phone, watched TV, had my generally lazy day. Also, I cannot believe how fast gossip gets around! I entered a competition, for a week in New York with a fashion designer (at the fact that I might win) and somehow, the news got round to Clarissa Benlys, the social icon of our school. She decided that she wasn't going to lose to a social 'outcast' like me. Some of these days I am going to slap her in the face. Actually, no, I won't. She's way too tall for me t reach. She's 2 heads taller than me when she's wearing her stilettos. I will laugh if I win the prize, I will laugh in her FAKE FACE! I mean, underneath the makeup that makes her look like an oompa loompa, and the 2 foot deep layer of lip-gloss and mascara, is probably a TROLL. You know,If she wins, she will rub it in my face for, I don't know, probably the rest of the year, maybe even the whole of highschool. Never mind that, will just have to cross my fingers and hope and pray...

Anyway, My sister is crying over yet another breakup. I mean, Joseph was a tool anyway, why did she care so much? Well, I'll admit he is kind of good-looking, but still, he's a pervert and a stupid little boy. To me, anyway. I would go in and comfort my sister, but, She always gets really crabby and tells me to go and get her ice-cream and biscuits so she can comfort-eat. I'm not up for that. I'm under piles of work to do anyway, and I still haven't handed in that science write-up that was due 2 weeks back. MAJOR overload of schoolwork! I'm trying to write a 5-page-long essay on Ambition, but I'm clueless! If I had of listened in class that day, this wouldn't be a problem. But no, I was texting Rosie under the table and did not hear A WORD THE TEACHER SAID. Damn, what is wrong with me!

ok, Mum is gonna come in ANY SECOND and if she see's that I haven't done anything on the essay, My mobile will disappear! So, i'll write more tomorrow.

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