The broken promise

The story is about a girl called Rea. She has promised herself never to fall inlove after her parents divorce. But then she met Harry Styles-the perfect boy. Is she going to riscs and follows her heart?


1. The promise

When I was young I was always admiering my parent's love. They looked so happy together but one day everything just crashed. My father moved away and my mother never told me what had has really happend. One day, when I got back home, I saw my mother crying over a piece of paper. Then she told me the whole story. My father was cheeting on her, and when she found out she had kicked him out. I was't upset because I knew that this was the right thing to do. The paper she was crying about was his wedding invitation. He was marrying his mistress. After that day, after seeing my mother so hurt I promised myself that I won't ever fall inlove and would never cry over a guy. The years were passing and I had never thinked about boys. I had exelent grades at school and I had a scholarship for Prinston. Everything was perfect, but then a guy showed up. I ignored my promise and I fall inlove.
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