growing up

millie is pretty, beautiful, amazing, fun and is an awesome friend but sensible girl, when she starts at a new school and the cool boys start fancying her she makes an enemy alice whdo is trying to get mattys attention. However no matter how much allice chats up matty, he will always love millie however millie likes another boy gavin she likes him alot


1. new school

my new school looked a dump but dumps usually have excitement and thats what i like! so i walked in to my class and all these wolf whistles surrouned me wtf i knew i was pretty from my last boyfriend but hew was a perv and a bastard so i didn't know whether to beleive him or not but obviously i am though i guess it helped that my two top buttons were undone and that my skirt was just below my bum! The lesson was crap it was geography i hate it but the teacher ws shit so it made it even worse i guess. Anyway i have got a new friend called ellie she is great so funny,small but she is a real bad ass i hope it dosent grow on me-i dont want to be one that always swears takes drugs drinks,i dont think ellie takes drugs but she does everything else. she asked me tonight to got to the beach with her, i said yes.  

as soon as the school bell went i jumped on to my bike and cycled home went in to my room and slipped on my gold jewelled sandalls and my mini dress and walked to the beach once there i found ellie getting rather close to her boyfriend like full on snogging hands going up and down each others boyfriends. omfg hot boy alert alot of girls were there talking to him- chatting him up but he came up to me

"hey sexy"

"hi lovely" i said flirting with him ellie had seen me with him i carried on

"wanna come to the party tnight everyones coming" he asked i realised that he stunk of smoke and quickly said no he might be adrug dealer!

then in the corner of my saw a boy a cute hot boy. now i believe in love in first sight


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