Lockie Leonard - Human Torpedo; Different Ending

This is just a re-write to the ending of the book 'Lockie Leonard - Human Torpedo'

I know it's not a very amazing book, but we had to read the book for school and our homework was to do a completely different ending to the book, so here's mine.


1. The perfect kiss

Starting from the last chapter when Vicki says 'Hey It's the human torpedo'


"Hey, It's the human torpedo!" Lockie heard Vicki yell as he and Phillip passed her on their bikes. He had the growing urge that he should stop and go over to her. Even after everything they've been through, Lockie still thought the both of them were meant to be. He hesitated as Lockie's hands clasped the brakes and his wheels came to a screeching top. Not sure what Vicki's reaction would be like, he slowly turned his head to face Vicki running all the way across the street from the skate park to get to him. Lockie knew that Phillip had  got the message and rode off to the surgery to put his sun's in. Surprised that Vicki actually wanted to see him, Lockie dropped his bike, and it just missed his foot before crashing on the rubble. He ran towards the girl hurtling herself at him with his arms outstretched, ready to embrace Vicki in a  tight hug. 

Lockie was to hypnotized by the presence of this meadow scene that he didn't realize that to get from the road to the grass was a little curb. Yep, you guessed it.. Lockie Leonard fell flat on his face right then and there in front of the one he loves and her bogan 'friends' watching. He didn't get up. Or move from the awkward position he was in either. Lockie decided to die of embarresment instead. He could also hear people laughing.. great. Hearing footsteps coming closer he groaned. Lockie didn't want those bogans here to beat him up again. He didn't realize it was Vicki until that soft hand lightly touched his shoulder.

"Oh my god, Lockie, Are you okay?" Vicki asked, obviously trying not to laugh.

"Fine thanks," Lockie muffled as he looked up, trying to hide the smile slowly creeping it's way onto his face. He failed as they both burst out laughing but soon after, Lockie felt a sharp pain on his lower lip. Putting a finger to where it was sore he assumed that on his trip, Lockie had cut his lip, seeing as there was blood when he took his finger off. 

"Ow," Lockie mumbled, trying to wipe the blood off. But Vicki stopped him, lightly clasping her two small hands over Lockie's big one. 

"Don't touch it Lockie, you'll only make it worse." She said looking him straight in the eyes. Lockie stared lovingly back as they lent in. Then suddenly he stopped. Vicki had to try and hold her groan in, she didn't want to do the whole camp situation again. 

"Hey Vick?'' Lockie said quietly. 

"Yes Lockie?" she answered, hiding the annoyance in her voice.

"Do you reckon you could kiss my boo boo to make me feel better?" Lockie smirked. Vicki just rolled her eyes and shook her head. 

"Yes Lockie, yes I can.." She said throwing her arms around his neck, and once again leaning in for the perfect kiss.





Hope you like it <3

Feel free  to comment and whatever


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