The Accident

Have you ever heard of the saying 'Forgive, forget, but never regret.'? I have, and I completely dissagree. I will never forgive myself for what I did that day. The day I lost my best friend, my partner in crime, the girl I fell in love with. The day I lost Robin.

Parker Jackman lost the person he loved the most, so what will happen when he meets her three years later and she doesn't remember him at all? Will he win her heart over again? Or has someone else took her heart?


1. Recalling Memories


Have you ever heard of the saying 'Forgive, forget, but never regret.'? I have, and I completely dissagree. I will never forgive myself for what I did that day. The day I lost my best friend, my partner in crime, the girl I fell in love with. The day I lost Robin.

I can also never forget what happened to my beautiful Robin. She was my everything. How could someone forget the day that they see someone they care so much about, practicly die before your very eyes. Its something that no one should have to indure. But I did.

There are only three days in my seventeen years of being alive I remember clearly. The day I met Robin. The day the accident happened. And the day Robin was sent away. Every important moment in my life I shared it with her. That beautiful fragile girl with her long flowing hazel colored hair that would gently sway down her tiny figure. The girl with captive blue eyes that had a very faint green ring around the vibrant blue when she was happy. To my luck I got to see that green ring a lot. Well technically I used to see it a lot.

I looked out of my bedroom window and saw that is started raining. Not that its surprising, in Washington it rains quite a lot. Rain pounded against the window with constant thuds. I laid back on my plush full size bed that was covered with the navy blue comforter that have ever since we moved to this house about two years ago, thinking about the day I met her.

It was the first day of fifth grade when I had just gotten dropped of my mom by the gym of the school. I was racing to the boys bathroom because I desperately had to go pee. I was on the verge of peeing my pants. I was stopped in my tracks when I saw a fragile girl that looked about my age. She stood at the front doors of Mountain View Elementary. I knew she new and I knew I wanted to become her friend. I walked up to her and stuck out my hand.

"Hello! My name is Parker Jackman!" I said in my cheerful voice. She seemed to be a little startled by my energetic voice. She was very hesitant before she put her tiny hand inside of mine.

"Hi-i." She said nervously. I was wait for her to tell me her name but she never did. She just bore her vibrant blue eyes into my hazel ones. She fiddled with the straps of her teal backpack with very bold red zippers. I was standing in awe looking at the girl before be. I had completely forgotten I had to go to the bathroom until I felt a warm liquid run down the leg of my denim jeans. My eyes widened as I realized I had just peed my pants if front a beautiful girl I had just met. I instantly felt my cheeks heat up as they got a deep red color. Now that I think about it they were probably the color of the zippers on her backpack. She did something I never thought she would do. She didn't laugh, instead she reached into her backpack and grabbed a pair of black gym shorts.

"Your secrets safe with me." She said as she handed me the shorts. A smile appeared on both of our faces. Luckily they were unisex shorts, but at this point I would take anything could get.

"My name is Robin."

Ever since that day we have been best friends up until the day the accident happened. My thoughts were interrupted by my mother.

"Parker! Its time for dinner!" she yelled sternly. I raced down the stairs trying my best not to fall. to my luck I reached the bottom of the stairs without messing up. When I entered the kitchen, I was met with a very unpleasant smell. I looked around the room trying to decipher where the smell was coming from. My eyes locked onto two plates of brown mush, that was called 'dinner'. I felt a sudden uneasy feeling as I sat down and got closer to the food on the plate.

"Uhh mom. What is this?" I said quietly as I picked up my fork and pushed what looked like a organ around my plate.

"Its ground beef and noodles with a brow gravy sauce." she slowly took a bite out of it and instantly spit it out.

"What is that taste! We are eating out tonight." Her shaky hands grabbed both of our plates as she kept muttering things along the lines of gross, sickening, how in the world did I make this. It was quite funny actually because she would always make things like this. She would always have hope for her new creations each time she cooked. The only think that she could cook was cereal. She evened burned that. That says a lot because its cereal for goodness sake. 

After ordering and eating Chinese food I went to my bed to sleep off all my past thoughts from today. It was pretty early still but I have school tomorrow. I know from many years of experience that it takes all my will power to get out of bed before nine o'clock. Getting a jump start on some sleep might help though. I crawled into my familiar blue sheets and drifted of to a deep sleep. Not before thinking about her one last time.


Hey!! I really hope who ever decides to read this has enjoyed :) please stick with me to see more of this story. Be kind because this is my first story. I would like any feedback though. Also if you can point out grammar or spelling errors that would be wonderful. I'm editing this on my own so there's going to be many mistakes. I hope you have a magnificent day!!

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