Shipping Harlie

Karlie. She's finally been discovered. Now she is one of the "Top 50 Women's Model". She isn't actually that glamorous girl everyone sees her as . And Harry of the worlds famous boy band ," One Direction ", loves the way she's down to earth. But what will happen when their careers clash into their love life? Will there be a ," Harlie ?"


1. ~1~ Karlie's starting point.

 (Karlie's P.O.V. )

   The bristles of the brush scratches my cheek . The glue for my false eyelashes smelled weird. The pluck of one hair , sticking out of my eyebrows stung.  All I hear is chatter, crying, and the clicking of heels. Which reminded me — "Dave! Pass my the black stilettos , with the gold bows. Thanks.", I said trying not to be too loud .

  "Are you ready? Show is about to start . You're first, okay? Good luck love ", he rushed.  I tried to give him a quick kiss but, boss gave me a stern look , warning about my lipstick . Everyone gave me a thumbs up before I strutted down the runway.  I looked at the crowd. So many famous designers and models . I saw my grandma in the back . 

   "Alrighty.", I said to myself , " go back, strut , smile. " 

 I looked at the crowd and saw our sponsors , One Direction.  Harry, I think, was smiling at me ? Cute, but I have Dave . I took a last glance at them , and the crowd. In slowly walked backstage. Sel, my make up artist gave my a caramel mocha, since this was my last appearance in the show . I turned around. I dropped my drink , and whimpered . Only to see Rebecca the hairstylist , and my boyfriend Dave , having a makeout session.  When he saw me , I ran off .

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