This is my first fanfic ever!! Jaelyn was a girl with a normal life unfilled someone she didnt know started texting her...little did she know it was her dream boy, Niall

Ya Ik it sounds cheesy but you may like it :)


1. texts

I wake up this morning and feel like crap , but then i remember tonights the dance! I have been waiting all year for this dance because my crush Ben is going to be there... It will be the most fun I've had in years ...you see 3 years ago my dad and brother got in a car accident ...and died...and now my mom is in the hospital with breast cancer and probibly won't live till my 17 birthday next month. As I am outing my hair up in a messy bun my phone beeps...I don't know the number... They wrote will you go to the dance with me tonight ive had a crush on you for a long time...I write back "who is this" beep! You will just have to find out at the dance ...but how will i know who you are ....I will be the one under the bleechers in a red shirt ....ok see you then, i started to get worried what if it was just my friends pulling a prank or any thing but the only think he aaid after the last text was "by the way my name is niall" I think for a second...I don't know any nialls let alone one at my school but I do recognise the name niall is my favorite manner from one direction...he's my dream guy...but I KNOW THIS IS NoT HIM...
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