Good-Bye Styles (One Direction fanfic)

It's her, Maddie the unlucky girl who lived in a tiny house with her strict step-father after her mother passed away, she lived a miserable life and suffered from these bullies at school and her elder 20-year-old mean step-sister made Maddie's life worse and worse.. However, her life changed a bit after living with her best friend Charlotte who was living alone because her parents lived in Canada and her brother was in London. Also Charlotte was a true friend, supported Maddie all the time and made her smile constantly.


1. Leaving home.

As I waved the happiest good-bye to my step-father who I was leaving and live with my best friend, I felt pain inside which I never knew where it came from. Anyway, the car ride was silent then we talked a little about this boy band called “one direction” and Charlotte explained how much she liked them and I agreed, then we stayed silent then suddenly Charlotte broke the silence by “Now, I wanted to tell you something very important” I wanted to know so I asked her to say and she refused to tell me before lunch. We arrived at her house that I mostly visit daily but this time I felt her extra welcoming me though we were alone, she loudly said “Welcome to your new home” as she stretched her arms, I giggled at the way she said it and then I entered smiling. I can say that she was excited from the concept that I’m living forever with her but honestly I was way more excited to be, that was because she was the closest friend of mine, I trusted her and of course the biggest reason of my excitement was because I was leaving the most dull, strict house I’ve ever been to. At noon, I took shower then we ate pizza and finally Charlotte said what she wanted to tell me from the beginning of the was that her parents are coming for one week and then leaving again, actually I didn’t understand why it was very important but I moved on and smiled.

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