Beauty queen

This story is about a girl that was a nerd and got made fun of alot and so one day she woke up looking beautiful and this one guy name Zayn asked her out and she said yes


1. Dating

                                         Sarah POV

             Once upon a time there was a nerd that got made fun of but then one day she woke up looking beautiful people said that she was pretty so she became a beauty queen.This boy asked her out and his name was Zayn and the girl name was Christina so Christina said yes.So she became the popular one in school but one day there was four new guys in school named Louis,Niall,Liam,Harry and they all liked Christina so they all asked her out but they found out she have's a boyfriend. So they leave them alone and Niall,Zayn,Hary,Liam,Louis started a band called One Direction. They became famous because of a guy name Simon Cowell so Christina became famous because of her boyfriend Zayn. People wanted to get there attigraph because they are fans of them. So they are jelouse of Christina. So they pretend to be her friends to get close to the boys. So the plan worked and they got closed to them. Then Louis,Niall,Liam,Harry,started liking them so Niall asked out Sarah Louis asked out Vanessa Liam asked out Abby Harry asked out Kaylynne and they all said yes so they all was happy so one direction gave them all tickets and backstage passes to there concerts. They drive them there to. 

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