my incounter with slender man

title says it all!


2. the woods.

Well i guess i got super lost and ended up in the woods great just great now im in the woods alone and its night my mother is going to shoot me dead. Wait a minute i said didnt hollie tell me somthing about a stalking no faced killer and he lives in the... WOODS omfg i started to have one of those spaz/panic attacks and ran aroud and got even more lost. Ok just calm down its just a story, im pretty sure it is anyway. Just then i no faced killer came from behind a tree and started to chase me he pulled out one of his tenticals and tryed to grab me holy crap i screamed AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! i ran for about a mile until i couldn't run any more i stoped to catch my breath and sat on a tree stump. Damn that was a long run i said to myself in between heavy breaths! he's going to kill me if he finds me i said i should find a way out of this woods and fast because if he finds me... i dont even want to say it. So i started to run again and came to a house and i said ill hide in there and went in side to find a good hiding plase i prayed that he wouldn't be in the house. But i was terribly wrong!

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