my incounter with slender man

title says it all!


1. waking up... off to a good start...

One early Friday morning i woke up got dressed and went down stairs to get some breakfast. When i got down stairs i looked at the stove it was 6:00. i got myself a bowl of lucky charms and a glass of orange juice,now at me being sixteen i of course  hate school and was not in the mood to go to school today! After i finished my breakfast i went upstairs to brush my teeth and hair. by the time i finished it was 6:30. i took some money from my moms purse and stuffed it in my hot pink backpack pocket and went in the living room and turned on my t.v . i turned the channel to 18 and started watching my favorite show, degrassi. By the time that was over it was 8:00,it was the middle of the fall so i through on my warm sweater and put my backpack on and walked out the door. when i got to school i ran to the school ground and met my bff Hailey. Hailey is a 16 year old girl who is obsessed with makeup and im more into sports. the bell rang and i went inside when i got to home room i noticed that there was a new girl and was what i called nerdy because she had glasses and her hair put up in a ponytail. my teacher walked in a few minutes after and introduced us to the new girl he said that her name was hollie. when lunch came around i sat at a table with Hailey and two of my other friends and hollie asked us if she could sit with us i said sure and hollie sat down and she asked me have i ever herd of slender man. no...  i said  well he's a killer stalker hollie said. he lives in the woods and has no face and he has tentacles and he will grab you and he will kill you WOW  i said  in a scared and surprised voice. The bell rang and i went back to class. In math class all i was thinking about were these three questions where the hell is the woods was the story true and is hollie crazy?! the last bell rang school was over thank god. I guess hollie lives on the same street as me because when i asked her where she lived she said on greenwood road oh just another big surprise for me today.

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