I have lived 'Miss Harriette's Home for the Musically Talented' for 5 years. I am 15. Throughout those five years I've grown lonelier and lonelier. Miss Harriette is a horrible woman. I don't know how she's past child services' inspections. I was sent here by my mother. She could not afford to take care of both of us after my dad left. It was the hardest thing my mom ever had to do. There are only two things in this world that can make me smile anymore, music and art. I am in love with music. Art is more of a hobbie. Although, the one thing I want more than anything is to get out of this place.


1. Chapter 1

'Miss. Harriette's Home for the Musically Talented' I read off the old, rusted billboard that almost looked like it was going to fall off the brick building it was mounted to. I frowned as I walked up to the door like I did everyday for the past 5 years. I scurried upstairs to my lonely solitude. I pulled my sheet music I had been working on, out of my worn backpack and placed it on the piano. I started playing chords and warming up fingers. I was just about to start playing my song when Miss. Harriette burst in and started yelling at me. "Why do you even try to play?! It sounds HORRIBLE! I don't even know how your mother convinced me that you were talented enough to be in this home. You are dishonoring this orphanage!" I just sat there and listened as I always did. "We have a reputation to uphold and ever since you were dropped off here, it's been going down the drain! I understand why your mother didn't want you! Now stop making such a racket!" She finished and stormed out. "Worthless!" I heard her scream halfway down the hall. I got up an moved to my bed. It was getting late and I was tired from my walk I just took, so I closed my eyes. Despite my efforts to fall asleep, my thoughts kept me awake. "Worthless!" kept ringing in my mind an I couldn't stop thinking about my mother. 


Morning came upon me slowly. I quietly got out of bed and put my hoodie on. I stealthily snuck out, trying to avoid Miss. Harriette. I ran away from the so called 'home' as fast as I could hoping nobody would see me. When I got a safe distance away, I stopped and sat down on a bench to catch my breath. When I was ready, I got up again and started walking downtown. I went down my usual secret path and sat in my usual spot to draw in front of a complex. I started sketching the sunrise. I got lost in my drawing and almost didn't notice the man that looked like he had a hangover, stumble down the sidewalk with, what looked like his fiancée from the ring on her finger, stabling him. When they got closer, I could see that they were maybe in their early twenties. He looked very familiar but I couldn't place my finger on it. I was startled when he tripped over my foot. I heard a loud thud and got up and quickly ran down a back alley. I was never meant to stand out. "Stay in the shadows and you'll be safe." My father used to tell me. I was brought out of my thoughts when my face hit the pavement. A pain shot through my head. Everywhere hurt. I heard heavy footsteps coming towards me. I tasted blood and metal. Black. 

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