Meeting 1D

This is a story I am writing for my friend who is totally obsessed with one direction.....she owes me big time for this.


1. Noooo!

"And the way he loves his carrots is soooo awesome..."

"Seriously, Taanisha you're doing my head in," I say, as I flunk down onto a seat in the library.

She rolls her eyes.

"Seriously!" she exclaims. "They call him boo-bear; I mean boobear, how ultra awesomely insanely sweet is that for ya!"

"I'd rather be doing maths homework," I say, covering my face with an excersise book, a a sign I wanted to hear no more of this rubbish boy band.

She paused and looked at me, eyeing me up and down.

"What are you doing?" I ask nervously.

"You would make a pretty good 1D fan."

"Stop it! I refuse to listen. I mean, Harry Styles, really?"

"I'm talking about Louis."

"Oh, I do so care!"

This went on whilst walking home from school. And the next day walking to school. And coming back from school. And walking to school. I could go on.

Enough, I thought. I'm going to make her hate that boy band and she would know it.

"You can't make me hate 1D," she said the next day at school.

"We'll see about that," I mumbled under my breath.

On the way home I passed a poster of one direction.

"Oh, god no," I mumbled. "That boy band is infecting my life, I tell you."

But when I took a closer look at it I saw the poster was actually for a competition. A competition to win a trip to meet 1D. You had to write your opinion of why you loved 1D. Typical.

"Who could be asked?" I thought, but suddenly an idea sprang to me.

I ran home, raced through the front door and into my room, flicked open the writing pad and grabbed a pencil.

Where do I begin?


Dear 1D's manager

What I think of 1D.....

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