It's me


1. It's me

Who calls you up when you feel alone?

Who wakes you up when nobody's home?

Who holds you when you're about to fall?

Who will love you no matter what?


It's me who waits alone at the station,

I wait for you to return.

Still waiting for one of your messages,

I am sick and tired of your empty promises.


Who will be your friend when no one else is beside you?

Who will show you the right way when nothing is true?

Who can feel the way I feel?

I'm hate being stuck in all of this.


I feel your pain,

I'm there for your smile.

It hurts inside,

Cause I won't be able to make you mine.


It's me standing in the rain alone.

It's me, praying for you to return home.

But what will you do,

If I leave you and be gone?

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