My Romeo ~Harry Styles~

Cameron and Harry love eachother, But have to keep it secret. Why? Beacause if Cameron's mum finds out, there will be cosenquences. She's the type of girl, that is the most nicest girl you'll ever meet. I f her mum finds out, Harry is banned from seeing Cameron. He brakes apart, "No more Cam.." He muffled.
She beggs her mum, but her mum gives her a staff glare, handing her a bag. "You have an hour, if you aren't out by then, I'm calling the cops." Her mum threatens. Cameron nodds in approval, or else she will get pain by her mum. Cameron runs outside with her bags packed, seeing Harry at the curb. She runs towards him. "She kicked me out." She said, hoarsly. He smiles at her weakly, "Live with me. The lads will love you!" He exclaimed, taking her hand in his. Do they carry on a normal life? Or suffer? Cameron Lynn Harper

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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