Not Your Average Love Story


1. Him

I had known him since the fourth grade but never really noticed his beauty and mysterious character until eighth grade. This boy charmed everyone with his intense smile and witty humor and gorgeous, dazzling green eyes. His hair was a luscious brown which he combed his fingers through to fix the uneven ends. He was tall and every inch of him made you squirm inside. Yet, I was only one that felt a rush when he passed by or even brushed my right or left arm. Sparks. Yes, I felt them, in eighth grade. But who knew a girl like me would be interested in someone like him. I'm medium heighth, green eyes, brown hair, nothing special. I mean I can sing pretty well or amazing as everyone would say. But, I never thought I would be a match for him. My daydreams stated that we would be the A List couple that everyone was jealous of. My daydreams were oddly real. And I made them real. This is how I met him.

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