dear dirary love zayn

zayn is single he has a few problems along the way but will he get the girl of his dreams or will he find the one under his nose?


7. aug 4 2013

aug. 4th 2013

dear diary

i'm writing to you from a hotel. it turns out i chose marleigh  i cant be a dad yet. oh by the way she is prego about 2 months she keeps calling and texting me but i think shes starting to get the hint that i abandon her. she texted me this horrible note it said exactly " i know you left and your a horrible person i cant believe we were friends or even dated i hope i never see you again and i found a new guy who is thrilled to be a father so your not needed." that last part hurt. i told mar the whole story and shes completely OK with this suprisingly. oh i call marleigh mar.  since i left Erin iv been having hallucinations, cutting, iv lost weight and i'm depressed i miss her. i'm in love with her but at the same time i'm love with mar. i texted her back on that strong message it was the only messge i sent to her since i left and it said " i'm sorry you feel that way and you've been replaced since day one her name is Stacy and she actually loves me and doesn't use me like you did." i made up Stacy because mar has a twitter and everything and if she finds her mar will get so much hate from her.  i'm just not the zayn i used to be..



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