One Shots :)

These are some One shots I write. If you want one request it below with the boy of your choice. :)


1. Contest of a lifetime



Taleia was scrolling through twitter one evening and saw a link on One Direction's website for a contest.  


Do you love One Direction?  Do you want to meet them?  Do you want to have something to remember this Summer?  Sign up now for this one week trip to London, England to meet the boys!  You have a chance to take 1 person with you!  Simply fill out this paper work online and click send and it will be sent into 1D management.  They will pick from random so it's tough!  Good luck to you all Directioners. - 1D HQ.

"It's worth a shot!" Taleia said to herself.  She new she wouldn't be the winner of that contest.  She has a 1 in a million chance of winning.  She had been watching these boys since X Factor and desperately wanted her wish to meet them come true.



Taleia was flipping through channels on her television while eating nutella out of the jar when there was a knock on the door.  She went to go answer it and it was these group of men and she was getting kind of freaked out.

"Taleia Anderson?" One of the bulky men asked

"That's me.." She said kind of un sure..

"About a month ago you signed up for a One Direction contest.  You're the winner!  You need to pack your bags, inform the 1 person you're taking on the trip, and we'll be getting on the One Direction private jet to England."

It took Taleia all her might not to scream and just jump up and down.

She called her best friend and informed her what was going on.  Her best friend rushed over to her house with her bags packed. 

"Woah that's fast!" Taleia said laughing at her friend.

"Well, what do you expect?!  By the way I might need to borrow your clothes?' Her best friend said uneasy.


All they did on the plane was sleep and talk because they were excited but tired at the same time.  When the plane ended they went straight to where One direction was at the moment.  

"We're letting you stay in a room in this flat, it's big enough, and you can share the bed." One of the big bulky men had said.

Taleia and her friend nodded because those men scared them a lot.

They were about to walk in the door when the door opened from inside.

"Ah!  You girls must be Taleia and Y/N?" 

Liam payne.

Taleia and Y/N were shocked but didn't want to seem like one of those criers or screamers.

"Uhhm, hii." They both waved awkwardly

He chuckled and called the rest of the boys out there

Then the other members of One Direction came out.

"Hey, I'm zayn." Zayn said smiling side hugging both of them.

"Hi, I'm Niall." Niall said smiling and staring at Taleia's friend.

"I'm Louis, and please don't hand me a carrot.." 

The girls laughed and said they wouldn't.

"Hey, I'm harry.  Taleia and Y/N are you girls names I believe?" 

Harry Styles.

Taleia had a soft spot for him.  A major one.  

Taleias friend noticed that Harry had his eye on Taleia while Taleia noticed little Nialler had his eye on Y/N.

Let's just say they all got along really well and no more members of One Direction are single. (;


AN- the last bit of that was actually pretty bad.  I was rushing with it because it was taking forever and I was running out of ideas.. sorry! 



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