Swapping My Love

~COMPLETED~Abby has to swap lives with a girl in her class for a month. Abby has no clue about this girl, her name is Waliyha and very private. she hangs around with all the cool kids, Abby doesn't know her at all. Read to find out more.


1. Chapter One

Abby's P.O.V:

I sigh as I continue my walk home from school, I smile up to the heavens, "Thank god its Friday!" I shout out, no-one's around so its safe to scream random things like a maniac. I come up to the gate to my house, its closed. The gates to our house are electronic so I can't just open them with my hands, you need the remote. I sling my bag over my shoulder and throw it over the wall. The wall is nearly the height of me, I'm pretty small but the wall is still high. I jump up, supporting my weight on my arms, I swing my legs over the side and hop down. I sling my bag back over my shoulder once more and continue up our steep driveway. I pull my bedroom window open and hop in, I leave it open a crack during the day so when I walk home I can just get straight to my room. Its mainly so I don't have to face my father, its not like he's abusive or any of that crap. Its just that he asks me the same annoying questions everyday and it annoys me on a lot of levels. I just don't want to talk to him, especially considering that I have a hard day at school and there's nothing more that I want than peace and quiet. But the stress of tests the next day and homework burdens me and it pulls me out of comfort of being home and into getting stress ulcers at the top of my stomach. I'd love to be one of those carefree people who can lie back and not study for tests and not bother doing homework but it just kills me. The stress and worry gnaws at my stomach and sometimes I have lost hours of sleep staying up and doing homework and study. I have had many sleepless nights where I worry about getting an F in the test the next day because I couldn't memorise what was going to be in the test.

                                                                                   I finish my homework at half past six as at ten past five, I had to mind the dinner while my father went to pick my mother up from work and then I had to eat dinner. I pack my books back into my checkered pink and black Converse bag and leave it on the floor of my bedroom, I turn my radio on for a bit. A song that is familiar comes on,

Oh I just wanna take you anywhere that you like,

we can go out anyday, any night,

Baby I'll take you there take you there

Baby I'll take you there, yeah!

 My head bopped with the song, I smiled. I didn't really know who sang it but this particular song always got me in a good mood, it was just one of those songs.

And if youuuu,

You want me too-oo-o

Lets make a moo-ove

Yeah! So tell me girl if everytime we...

I smile, i sing along at the parts I know until its over. I have got to find out who sings that! I get changed out of my uniform and into comfortable clothes.


I put on a black Ramones loose baggy jumper, black classic Vans, simple black Hollister shorts with white writing and stripes. I leave my brown, dip dyed hair down with a touch of Salt Spray to give it a rough effect. i close my bedroom door and shout out to my parents where I'm going. I use the remote to open the shed, 'My life is beginning to sound like a James Bond movie with all th remote controlled tthings.' I think as I roll my eyes dramatically, I pull open the glass door and step out into the warmish Spring air. The sun is setting and for once, it isn't too cold. I carefully walk down the grave lto the shed and pull out my sister's old bicycle, I try to keep back the tears from the memories of her, I hop on the bike and close the shed. I cycle to out front and hold down on the brakes gently roolling down the hill. I take a left when I'm at the gates and cycle down the main road in the bicycle lane. I breath in the warm air and keep cycling, I cycle a bit faster when I get to the steep hill by our house, once again I press down on the brakes gently and once I reach the bottom of the hill, I take another left bringing me into an estate that has a road going through it which brings you out on to another main road. I turn left when there's the turn for the snooker club, this is where my sister and I woudl hang out on the days we went cycling together. We used to go cycling around about this time and there would be no-one around so we would leave our bikes down and sit on the boulders, talking. I sniffle as I get off my bike and sit on my boulder, this is no use! I hop off it and kick a few rocks angrily. I pick up my bike and cycle home, that night I cried myself to sleep.

I wake up to the vibrations of my phone, the caller ID said it was my best friend Tammy. "Hello?!" My voice is groggy and tired but I don't stop it as I want to let her know she woke me up at, I glance at my clock, 7:30!!?? "ABBYYY????!!!! REMEMBER TO COME TO SCHOOL TODAY!!!!" "Why?!" I know I sounded annoyed but I come to school everyday, "They're picking our partners today!!! Duuh! I'll see you at school! Bye!" She hung up without even letting me say goodbye, the school is giving us this program where we swap lives with our partners for a month and then if everyone is fine, we have to spend the Summer as well. I sighed and pulled myself out of bed, even if I miss school today, they will get me tommorow or the day after. We are told to leave our suitcases in our own parent's cars then after school we swap. I pack two suitcases, what?! Don't judge me, its gonna be a month. I can tell that Tammy is super excited as she has been praying its Amie Blake's house that she's going to. Amie is one of the most popular girls and always in control, she acts like she doesn't know it but she shows off so much it isn't funny. She thinks she's so awesome because her brother is captain of the rugby team for our town which isn't a big deal to anyone but she thinks it is. Her older brother who is the captain is really gorgeous, according to other girls, but I think he's dirt. She has another brother who is only a year ahead of us and he's to die for, loads of girls sit with him at lunch but he hates the attention, you can tell. Tammy has a massive crush on him, along with a hundred other girls in our year.

       When I finally lug my two suitcases and schoolbag in to the car, we are just on time. I groan as I shift in my seat, I didn't have time for my early morning wake-up cup of cappuchino and I need it. I packed two boxes of my cappuchino satches but I know it won't be enoguh as I have two cups a day. When we get to school, I remind my mum to leave my suitcases in the car and kiss her goodbye. She gives me alot of money on spare in case the family I'm put with doesn't feed me or give me the basic human needs. I kiss her goodbye as it will be my dad saying goodbye to me this afternoon after school. I walk into school tiredly and I don't even respond to the popular girl's snide comments about what I look like today, I just look down and continue to my locker.

So guyyssss tell me what you think on the first chapter!!!!!

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