This story is set in Japan when sachiko mori is at school and the tsunami hits. She has to travel back to her home city and find her family.


1. School

I like school, not the teachers or lessons, but my friends.  I love going on the bus from my old, beautiful town in Japan to the mountains where the building stood. Every morning I catch the bus and sit next to my best friend, Mieko. Mieko's always there for me, she's very shy, where I'm loud and confident. Mieko's also very prety; bright brown eyes that sparkle and lips like a cherry, long, black wavy hair that goes down to her dainty, tanned hands. Through the fern forest we go and past the meadow, then round the rocky hill and up the mountain that  stands  like a giant, big and bold. The school has a bright pink blossom tree about a hudred years old. It's trunk is dark and twisted with long branches like wizard's staffs growing from the pink tree. The school itself is long but very short, as little as the tree. The windows are clean and fragile, the roof has red-brown tiles placed in perfect rows.  Our teacher is lovely, miss Teak is her name. I like her name because when you merge it into on it sounds like 'mystique'. Our teacher is young with chocolate brown skin, she never, ever shouts.

I'm Sachiko by the way, Sachiko Mori.

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