the unicorn

charlie the unicorn is going on a adventure into the wild wilderness. On the way he meets lots of different characters bunnypigs, kowarlaphants and many more.


1. charlie and her friends

Charlie the unicorn has a  blue body, and she has the abiliaty to shoot rainbows out of her mane and tail if she feels theatend. Her best friend is dave the bunnypig he always wears a green bandana around his neck . he has an obsession for waffles with golden syrup on them .  as well as dave, charlie has another BFF shes a panda called saphire with big  cute eyes and a black head, feet and hands. also she has white fluffy furr on her tummy. all three of them like to go adventuring out in the wild adventures charlie likes the exploring part, dave gets all technical with his techie toys, saphire well she daydreams and eats then sleeps but thats not all she knows everything what the weathers going to be and other information so basicly she can tell the future.



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