Love or Drama? (One Direction)

When liam Payne from One Direction has a girlfriend who he has been dating for a year named Zoey and Harry Styles has a girlfriend who has been together with for 8 months named Alison, what crazy things will happen? Will Liam even ask Zoey to marry him? Will she accept or decline ? Will things go out of hand when the weeding comes? Or will Zoey and Alison just live every girls dream and have a perfect life with no drama? --- Based on my dream lol---


2. The Boys


Zoey's POV:

As soon as we arrived at the airport we parked and both of us ran inside. Alison went to the front desk to ask if the plane that the boys were on has landed and if they were here. The lady said she has to check. We both waited there unpainted.  After she checked she told us that they have landed and that they should be getting off then plane in about 5 min. We nodded and then went into the crowed and waited till we saw the boys. I said I would look at this door and Ally would look at that one. She nodded and we both kept a good eye open and both of our eyes we fixed on the door we had to watch. I right then felt someone put there hands around my hips and rest their chin on my shoulder. Then I slowly turned to see Liam there! I turned around and gave him the best huge ever and then we shared a nice kiss before we had to go to the back so the fans wouldn't come up to us.


Alison's POV:

I saw Liam go up to Zoey and told me not to say anything. After I was looking around to see were Harry was. I stood there for about 5 more minuets before someone hit into me. I helped the boy pick up his stuff when suddenly I was pulled into the persons arms for a good minuet. I knew right away who it was because the boy turned to me and whispered "Did you miss me love?" I smiled and said "Of course! More than anything." Then he took my hand and interlocked fingers and walked to find the rest of the boys. When we found Paul he took Harry's bags and Harry and I went into the car. He said "Did you get your hair and nails done just for me?" I smiled and said "Only for you!" Then he lend in and soon our lips were in sync. I pulled back and smiled. 


Harry's POV:

As Soon as we pulled away I looked at her everything about her was perfect, Her smile, her lips , her laugh, everything about her was perfect! i just loved her so much. "It is good to be back babe, I missed you so much I was all alone sleeping in my bed all night thinking about you, I never want to leave you again!" Her smile grew even bigger if that was possible and said "Harry I missed you so much to I never want to sleep alone again I want to cuddle with you forever!" I smiled and said "Good." :) After we got back to Ally's and Zoey's house Liam went with Zoey to her bedroom while Ally showed Zayn, Niall, and Louis to there rooms and after I went with Ally to her room to unpack. When we walked in I went straight to my walk in closet and unpacked everything. As I was packing I stopped and through a little window I saw Ally slowly sawing her hips to her music and changing. I smiled and chuckled lightly to my self. Good to be back I thought. After Ally changed I asked her to go out for dinner with me so we could catch up.


Ally's POV:

I was really happy when Harry asked me to go out for dinner to catch up. Man did I ever have alot to tell him! As soon as we were about to leave all the boys and Zoey were there in the living room watching tv. Zoey was cuddling with Liam while the rest of the boys were all over the place, then louis said "Now were would you two love birds be going? Hum" We laughed and Harry said "Don't worry and will be back tomorrow morning." And with that he pulled me out of the door. wait I thought tomorrow? What? Harry opened the door for me and then went to the drivers side and started the car. I then said "What do you mean be back tomorrow morning?" He smiled and said "Wait and see love." What was that supposed to me I thought. When we were almost there he stopped the car and said we walk from here. We were walking for a good 10min before I set my eyes on the most beautiful setting ever. He took my hand and entwined fingers and said "Do you like it." I shook my head no but then said "Love it." He smiled and we continued walking till we got to the beach and sat down to eat. At dinner I told him everything me and Zoey did except for the fangirling part! After we took a long walk though the beach and then he said "Did yo bring a swimwear?" I said "No wait should I have" He had a cute grin on his face and said "Nope, now do you have any money , electronic or anything beside cloths on?"

"Just My phone." I said.

"Hand it to me."

I took out my phone and gave it to harry.

"Now what Harry?"

He lifted me up and said "We are going swimming love." 

Right then he through me in the water I screamed and said "I'll get you for this Styles!" 

He took off his shit and joined me. We swam before i said I was getting cold, and Harry suggested we get out. After we got out he passed me a towel. I dried myslef off before saying

"Harry if we are spending the night I don't have cloths to change into.

"Dont worry love I brought you some!" After harry gave me my cloths we found a little tent to sleep in and me and Harry snuggled for the night.


 There was a text message from Harry. It said,

“Its over. We are done.”

I read the message and put the phone back in my bag. The tears streamed down my face and I just couldn't go back to sleep. I turned and saw that I was alone and that was it Harry and I were over I thought.........



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