Love or Drama? (One Direction)

When liam Payne from One Direction has a girlfriend who he has been dating for a year named Zoey and Harry Styles has a girlfriend who has been together with for 8 months named Alison, what crazy things will happen? Will Liam even ask Zoey to marry him? Will she accept or decline ? Will things go out of hand when the weeding comes? Or will Zoey and Alison just live every girls dream and have a perfect life with no drama? --- Based on my dream lol---


1. video chat with Liam

Zoey's POV:

I was just coming home from my jog when I got a text from Liam "Hey babe want to video chat?" I smiled and opened the door to my house which I shared with Alison. I first looked around and noticed a note left on the counter. To Zoey: I just went to go and by some dinner be back at 6:30. I looked at the time it was 15 min to 6 . I had time to video chat with Liam! I quickly replied with "Ya could you call me?" "okay <3" I ran my laptop and logged into Skype. right away I got a call from Liam. I answered it. "Hey babe" He spoke softly. "Hey" I replied. "Guess what?" He had a grin on his face when he said this. "What?" I asked kind of happily. "Our tour ends on Friday! That means I get to come home and see you again." yes I thought I could finally see my Li again! "Yesss I cant wait to see you!" I said a bit to excited.It was Tuesday which means 3 days! After we talked about a few other things I heard the door open and Alison call for me. "Wait a sec babe." I said to liam. "Ya Alison I'll be down in 2min." "Okay!" She called back. I said to Liam "Well it was fun talking to you and I really miss you and can't wait for you to come home but Alison just got us some dinner and I am starved so I'am gonna eat." "Okay babe miss you to and say hi to Alison from me and also tell her Harry says hi and will see you soon." With that I ended the chat and ran downstairs to eat with Alison. As I came to the dinner table I saw Alison with tacos. I smiled and said "tacos omg our fav!, Thanks Ally." She smiled and said "no problem, now let's eat." After we ate tacos I said "we should watch a movie,like um Peter Pan!" "Omg Yes yes yes Peter Pan!" I went to go and pop popcorn and Ally went to go get the movie set up. After I got the popcorn and joined her on the couch she started the movie right away. After the movie was done we debated on who was the better princess I said "I am the better princess." "No I am" "No your Peter and I am Wendy  We both laughed. We do this every time we watch Peter Pan and I always win! "alright Zoey you are the better princess but I get to be Peter." Alison said. "Well at least I am not a boy Ally." Lol we were both on the floor laughing. It was getting late and we had to be up early because we are going to get our nails done and then Friday morning we are going to get our hair done so we would look hot for when the boys come. Not saying we don't look hot now lol. "Okay Night Alison I am heading to bed and by the way Liam and Harry say hi." I said. She smiled and said "Wait when did you hear from Harry." "Well I was talking to Liam today and he said Harry told him to tell me to tell you." "Oh okay and night Zoey I am heading to bed too." We both went to our rooms and feel asleep. 



I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock going off. Ugh why did Ally make the app so early. As I pressed the snooze button I slowly and tiredly got up and made my way to the bathroom. After I took a quick shower I made my way to Ally's room to see if she was up. Of course she wasn't. I then thought of a very good way to wake her up. I jumped on her and screamed "get up Harry is here." She then right away stood up and looked around the room and said "omg were?" I then said "no he is not here and it was the only way I could get you up." She sighed and went to go and change. After I went back to my room and put on a pink sweater, tights, a over the shoulder black bag, black boots and black with gold spikes bracelet.( )   And Ally wore a jean shirt, tights ,brown bag, brown boots, bow earnings and bracelets.           ( ) After we were done we headed out the door and I drove to the nail place. Once we got in the lady at the front desk recognized us because we go there all the time. After she sat us down I decided I wanted newspaper nails with pink under it ( ) and Ally got her nails peach colour with sparkles ( ) After we went out for lunch at starbucks. When we got home it was already 11:00 so we got bored very fast and decided to go shopping. when we got in the car I drove again. We went to about 14stores and we each got about 20 things in total. I got 3 pairs of shoes, 5 shirts, 5 pairs of pants to match my tops and 2 pairs of shorts. Ally got 2 pairs of shoes, 3 tops , 2 pairs of pants, 1 pair of shorts, a handbag, and 2 summer dresses. When we came home we unpacked which took us about 15 min to get everything out and in to our walk in closet. But it took me more time because I organize my things by season. After we go into the season for my shirt for example I then go no sleeve. over the shoulder, short sleeve , long sleeve and then sweaters and so on. I am very organized but Ally sorts hers just but season and shoes in this door and shirts in this one and so on. After I was finally done we made a pizza and had that for dinner. "wow I can't believe the boys will be coming home in 2 days!" I said. "Omg I know right i miss Harry so much." We laughed. After we washed the dishes we had a bit of a bubble fight! We then had a huge mess and it took us like forever to clean up. After that we went to go and change into pajamas and we watched some of the videos form the tour and were fangirling just like old times. Yes I know we are both dating a member of One Direction but we still do fangirl over them we they are not around. LOL. After that Ally said she was heading up to bed. I said I was gonna go to but then I got hungry again and had a bowl of cereal before bed.


Ally's POV:

   As I woke up the next morning I noticed that Zoey was not awake so I decided to change and then go make us breakfast. When I went down stairs to make breakfast I heard the home phone ring I ran to the phone and answered it "Hello" "hi Is Zoey there?" "um not at the moment may I take a message?" "Um Alison is that you?" "Yes it is um who is this." "This is Sara Zoey's mom!" "Omg long time no see" LOL "Ya well I was just calling to see how she is?" "Zoey is good but she is sleeping I will let her know you called and tell her to call you back?" "Okay thanks hun." "Your welcome well I am going to make breakfast for us so I got to go so I'll talk to you soon." "Okay bye Alison." When I was done talking on the phone I started to make eggs, beacon,and salad. After everything was prepared I started to set the table. As I was setting the table I heard Zoey getting up. Just in time I thought. By the time I was done everything Zoey was down. "Morning" She said. "Hey your mom called, she said to call her back." "Oh what did she want.": just to see how you were doing." "Oh okay I'll call her when we are done eating." I smiled and we sat down to eat. After we ate Zoey called her mom while I went to go watch T.V. After she came in I asked her "So what are we going to do today?" "Well my mom was wondering if she could stop by for dinner?" "Okay that sounds good you call her back and i'll go and get some food. She nodded and I left to the store. When I got there I was wondering what we should make? Oh I know Pasta and salad. I went to go get all the ingredients and went to pay. After I got home Zoey was read to cook. She helped me unload and we started to cook right away. After we were done we plated everything and man did it ever look like perfectness. We both went to go and change and then went down into the living room to wait for zoey's mom. She came about 15min after and then we sat down and ate. Sara was talking about how Liam called her the other day and was talking about how much he loves Zoey. "Wow " was all I said. I call Sara my mom too because we are pretty close. Zoey was on the other hand and said "Mom that's cute did he say anything else? "Oh just that your a very beautiful person to"She smiled. After we had desert Sara said she had to leave so we both said goodbye and then Zoey said "Lets go to be we have a hair app tomorrow at 7 and then we have to be at the airport to pick up the boys at 10:00. I nodded and we went to bed. I changed and fell into a very good sleep knowing that Harry and the boys would be coming home tomorrow.---------------------- the next morning----------- I woke up at 6:15 and went to go get dressed I saw Zoey getting dressed too. After I put on my new outfit ( ) And Zoey put on on of her new outfits too ( ) 

We headed to our hair app. Once we got there I got my brown hair curled and Zoey got her hair straightened we payed the lady and made our way to the airport. " I am so excited!" Zoey said " me to " I said  

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