Foster Off

15 year old Sierra was raised in a foster home since age 2. With a foster mom, and a foster dad in the hospital, what will this turn into? Who adopts her? Will the 15 year old American foster child meet love along the way of adoption?


1. Effort Isn't Always Enough

"Come get it while it's hot!" Ella, my foster mom yelled. I groan and get up to get food.. Great.. It's soup. As I go to reach a bowl of soup, another girl takes it before I can touch it. I go to an all girl foster home. "Sorry Sierra, first come first serve" Ella said as she starts eating hers. I roll my eyes, "Third night in a row, without food" I mumble walking off to the bedroom I share with 16 other girls..  I'm usually the last one anyways.. I'm the youngest girl. I've never been around boys, since it's an all girl foster home.. I guess I really don't wanna.. I sit on my bed, a tiny mattress. I sigh.. "Sierra, are you hungry?" Ashley, the oldest girl here, asked.. I slightly nod.. "Kinda" I say softly. She bites her lip and grabs my hand, "Come on. I'll make you a grilled cheese" She smiles.. I smile a bit, Ashley is the only girl here who's ever cared about me. She's always here for me.. But, in a few months, when she turns 18, she's getting kicked out, since the oldest you can be is 17, on everyone's 18 birthday, if they haven't gotten adopted, they have to get kicked out. I watch a few girls, 16, screaming and freaking out.. "Hey.." I say to them, wanting to know what's so exciting. "Guess what!" One of them screams, Fonna. I look over at Ashley, "I'll be right to the kitchen" I tell her as she goes on to the kitchen. I look at Fonna. "Yes?" I ask calmly? She squeals, "You'll see! OH MY GOSH!!" She screams as she jumps on her mattress. I roll my eyes and I walk to the kitchen. I watch Ashley get stuff out.. "Ashley, I'm not all the hungry right now. I actually feel a bit sick" I say as I walk back to the room. I lay down.. I quickly fall asleep, some how. And I get woken by Ella shaking me.

"Sierra!" She snaps. I groan and I get up. I knew her tone.. She's getting ready for some one who wants to adopt to visit. I get nice clean clothes out and I change in the bathroom. Yeah... One bathroom.. For ALL of us. I do my hair.. I go downstairs where all the girls are, hoping to get adopted.. I sit on the couch and I turn on the tv. I never have really cared if I get adopted or not. It never really bothers me. I hear a knock, knowing it's probably whatever or whoever is coming to adopt. I hear girls screaming. I groan and I turn the volume up. I hear a man's voice. "What about her? What's her name?" He asks. "Her name is Sierra. She is the youngest here. She is very sweet and gentle. And she is super laid back!" Ella says. "Stop trying to get rid of me. I'm here to stay" I tell her, as I continue watching Tv. I hear him laugh. I roll my eyes. "I want to adopt her" He says lightly. Ella runs to get my paper work. "Sign all this! Sierra! Come say bye to everyone!" She yells, excited. I roll my yes. I turn to the man and I see a guy I've seen the other girls talk about before.. He's famous.. I shake my head, "No." I say crossing my arms as I look at .......

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