I Always Loved You

Kayleigh Dunbar is a normal 19 year old girl, who moves to London. She meets Niall Horan in her apartment building and they become boyfriend and girlfriend. But when Kayleigh finds out what Niall has done behind her back- will she ever take him back? Will she ever fogive him?


1. Moving Into A Big City

Kayleigh's P.O.V

Today was the day. The day I'd been waiting nearly all my life for, the day I finally move out. I loved my parents, but I just couldn'd wait to leave and get my own place. Not that long ago, a couple months back, I got all my savings together and bought a fully firnished apartment. It was in London. I was scared at first, I mean, when people say 'London' I always think of the bad things about it. But my new apartment is said to be in a safe part.

Just now I'm sitting on the train, I know what your probably thinking- I'm a nineteen year old girl, and I don't have a car. I've got my drivers licence, it's just that I spent all my savings on my apartment, that I can't afford a car right now. I've been on the train for a while now, my stop should be coming up soon.

"We are now aproaching London Central" I could just make out the crackling noises the speaker above was saying. I looked about the busy train, and noticed that lots of people started to walk towards the door. I stood up, and reached for my suitcase that was beside my seat. I rolled it behind me, walking towards the door.

When the train finally stopped, the doors quickly shot open. All of a sudden I heard lots more noise and people speaking. I quickly jumped out of the train, holding my suitcase tightly in my hand. I was making my way through the giant crowds of people, when I noticed a near by taxi rank. I walled up to a taxi and the man rolled down his window.

I told him the name of my apartment building, he then nodded and I opened the car door. I placed my bag in the back seat, then sat on the seat beside them. The car journey wasn't too long. I was in the taxi for about ten minutes, then the car stopped and the driver turned to me. He told me how much it had cost. I opened my handbag and took out my purse.

"Thank you" I said politely, whilst handing him a £20 note. He gave me a 'your welcome' smile and handed me my change. I grabbed my suitcase and opened the car door. Once I got out I opened the door to the building. It looked quite fancy and expensive. I had never been here before, my dad had came to London to look at the apartment before I bought it. I have only seen pictures of my apartment.

I walked towards the front desk, then the helpful worker asked me my name and where I had lived before.

"I'm Kayleigh Dunbar, and from Brighton" I said, answering her question. She nodded and was typing things into the computer that sat on the desk.

"Here you are. Apartment number 303" She said, handing a silver key out. I took the key from her hand, then gave her a 'thank you' smile. She returned the smile. I grabbed hold of my suitcase again, then walked over to the elevator. When the doors opened, I pressed the floor 3 button. About a minute later they opened at my floor. I got out, trailing my suitcase behind me. I gently pushed the key in the hole, opening the door.

The first room I saw was the kitchen. It was so nice: the colours, clean and tidyness. I dropped my bags at the door after I closed it behind me. I walked around, admiring my new kitchen. In the corner of my eye I noticed the living room. It looked amazing. I stopped, turned around and walked inside. Oh my god. It looked so expensive, I'm surprised I can afford all this. I slowly walked around the living room, then I went into all the other rooms. It all looked so fancy. I absoultly loved it. After about 10 minutes of being in my new home, I felt the need to unpack my clothes, toiletries and other things to make my feel more homely.

After I had unpacked everything, I placed my suitcase at the bottom of my wardrobe- getting it out of the way. I wanted to feel more comfortable, so I got changed into so joggers. I then walked through to the living room, slouched down on the cotton sofa and switched on the television.
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