Loving You Is Like...

Emma Tanberry is a makeup artist she does it for anyone on tour, TV , films anything;She was bought up in Holmes Chapel and went out with Harry Styles but as time went on she began too lose him in the land off fame and fortune,but being a makeup artist she meets different singers and actors and meeting the biggest boy band in the world is a dream come true especially knowing Harry Loved her but can he do the same 4 years later? Or will he break her heart again?


1. Starting it all off

I hear the postman put the daily post through my door ''bills,bills,bills Oh...'' I glance upon the fancy printing that reads

Dear Miss Tanberry,

I am inviting you too come on tour with 'One Direction on Saturday 5th March until Saturday 5th November too do there makeup and hair please return the slip below or call if you would like too.

Yours faithfully

Mr Davies

I read that letter over and over again cant believing what I was reading I would earn thousands off pounds doing that I've done Mcfly on tour once but there not the biggest boy band in the world but then I would have too face up too Harry Styles who I have always known and cared for until a couple years ago when being famous he couldn't find the time for me so he had too leave me . He's busy in America whilst I'm still here in Holmes Chapel working everyday, I mean I will do the job but I'm not sure what harry will think...


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