The Coffee Girl

They couldn't have asked for a more down-to-earth, hard working and quiet girl that minds her own business and keeps her mouth shut. She's quite remarkable. She'd be the best employee anyone could ask for.

If all the above was true, of course.

The only remarkable thing about Florin Owens is the fact that she managed to blag her way through school, college and now into a job that she has no qualifications for at all. She may have used her feminine charms to her advantage to gain her not-so-brilliant position in life, but then again, she doesn't have much else going for her.

Unless sleeping like she's been in a coma her whole life, having the memory span of a goldfish with dementia, being able to concentrate for a matter of seconds and having a body that under no circumstances does she ever have control over is something employers look for nowadays.

A story of bust-ups, sipping one too many beers and a girl who's mind and mouth sees no bounds.

Florin Owens/a bit of everyone else

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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