All Around The World

What happens when two teenagers get to travel the world together?
Justin Bieber is the most popular guy in school. Summer Elliott is the little goody two-shoes girl, that he had been bullied for her whole life.
if she changes, will he fall for her? and will she loose herself?
what happens when stronger feelings than hate gets in the way?
Turn your brain off and experience it yourself.


15. Nathan House

Justins POV


I woke up on the goddamn couch, with my body still hurtig from the fight, but it certainly didn't help to sleep on a couch. On my way to the bathroom i saw Summer lying in the bed, with the blankest thrown on the ground and the little night gown around her stomach, uncovering her panties. damn, I wanted her body. 


To lead my distraction I went out and took a shower. when I was done I went back in, and this time she had turned around, showing that little cute butt of hers. I went over and took a picture of me smilling next to her butt. ha, she was gonna get angry when she sees it. I like her temper. It actually turns me on when she doesn't want me.


I was bored so I decided to wake her. I lied int he bed next to her starting to cuddle her thighs.. and then her butt. she turned around smiling, with closed eyes, letting out a little morning moan. She liked it. i kept moving my hands up and down her inner thighs making breath harder. still in her sleep. i started to softly kiss her neck, breathing on her skin, making her breath even harder. "jus.. " she whispered. "yes?" i whispered back. no reply. she was still sleeping. she most be thinking about me. she 'almost' says my name in her sleep. "you like it?" i softly whispered into her ears. she slowly opened her eyes, slightly looking at me. she looked at me for about 5 seconds until she realized what was going on. 


She got up really fast. "what are you doing?" she asked me. "making you say my name in your sleep" i said smirking. she started to blush. "really? did i do that?" she asked looking at me in a disgusting way. "Yer, you really like to get your thighs touched i noticed" I said while sitting up, facing her. i put my hand on her thighs starting to rub my thumb against her soft skin. she slapped my hand getting up and going to the bathroom. 


Summers POV


I had to be more responsible. he might start to think that I wanted him. The thing i wanted was to hurt him like he had hurted me! I KNOW WHAT TO DO!! I just had to be irresistible. I had to flirt with him, but turn him down when he wanted more. play with him, like he is my little toy. i walket out in the livingroom sitting down next to him. "what are we gonna today?" i asked. "I found little sight seeing boat trip, that i thought we could go on" he said, putting his arm around me. "sure" i said getting up, moving myself away from his arm. 


we got dressed and went to the boat trip. there were a lot of people, and he bought us some seats, next to each other. the guide was a male, a few years older then me. he was looking at me a lot. i smiled and blushes a couple of times. I know justin noticed. he was giving the guide an angry stare sometimes. i thought it was funny.


Then he showed us a shiny statue that we past. "if you look to your right you can see the 200 year old, statue. it gets polished every month." he looked at me. "but it will probably never shine as much as the eyes, on the pretty girl on 8th. row." he winked at me, smirking, and then continued. "douchebag" justin whispered. I just looked at him and smiled. "you jealous?" i asked him smirking. "no" he said. "he just doesn't get a hint" he said getting up from the seat.


I pulled him back in his seat "what are you doing?" i asked. "learning him not to hit on others girls!" he said getting once again. i pulled him again, holding his arm. "others girls? im not your girl if thats what you think!" i said. "ha, sure.. but t does look like we are together, so therefor he needs to get respect for other peoples girls." he said. "and btw.. i know you wanna be my girl, deep down inside!" he said. "as if!" i replied. "why were you moaning my name, when i touched you?" i said. I just stopped talking and leaned against his arm. the guy stopped with me too. 


we took some funny pictures on the ipad of ourselves. mostly me lying on him, while he was making silly faces and i was laughing at him. 


When the boat stopped and were getting off, justin was walking in front of me. they guide stopped me and kissed my hand. "hello, pretty lady. can i ask what your name is" he said with the most amazing british accent. "summer elliott" i said flirting with him. i knew justin couldn't stand it. "well, if summer elliott would want to see more of england, I know someone who would love to show you around" he said, flirting and smirking. justin was pissed. "and whats the name of that guy" i said, getting a little closer to him. i could feel justin moved closer too. "Nathan House" he said handing me his phone number. I kissed his cheek and went on. 


Justin POV


She liked it. she liked seeing me mad. fuck, i hate her. she's such and idiot! but she is cute though. i could do her! she kissed his cheek and he just loved it. when she turned around I saw how he stared at her butt. that was my butt to stare at! luckily he didn't get her number. I had to step my game up, for her not to see other guys. this is it! I have to get her!


We stopped by a pizza place and brought some pizzas home. we had rented a funny movie, we watched while eating our pizza. I had half of her pizza and my own, because she couldn't eat it. "you're gonna get fat" she said, teasing me, while i was taking a bite. "will you still like me, if i get fat?" I asked. she smiled "I would love you if you got fat" she said smirking. i know she was kidding. she leaned on my, relaxing. she was starting to to be closer to me. i liked that. i put my arm around her and she was getting sleepy. 


when the movie was over, she got up, from her almost sleep. She went into the bathroom. I turned the tv on. I was enjoying not watching spanish crap i couldn't understand. I took the pizza treys out and went back int he couch, when she came out the bathroom only in a black bikini and a towel in her hand. 


"Where are you going?" i said smirking. "to the hot tub" she said and went out on the terrasse. I went out to see what she was doing. she was in the tub, looking seriously hot. i could bang her, right here and right now! "aren't you a bit lonely in there" i said flirting. "I dont know" she said, inviting her with her eyes. 


Summers POV


This was perfect. I was gonna flirt with him and make him want me, when i would turn him down and go away, leaving him hanging. I was gonna turn him on. more than becca had ever done!

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