Repose and Repeat


1. 1/1


The place one comes to fear the most,
the twisted, vicious screeching ghost,
of everything one used to be,
of everything one fails to see,

Scrabbled hands and weeping eyes,
Broken smile and haunted cries,
Wandering gaze; the swelling rage,
tender youth; undeniable age,

Striving for perfection,
Headed for destruction
Deny thy mother, deny thy father,
embrace thy lover; slay thy brother,

Quest for knowledge, irrefutable devotion;
constant turning whirring motion,
restless wandering isolated heart,
It has no end, but then no start;

for what is it to be human, one asks,
for in greed it lounges, in fear is basks,
for to be ape, to be mammal, to be wandering beast;
the dread is true; the refuge ceased,

Endless fury; perpetual wrath,
for they mock you; for they laugh,
slowly burning, deliberately hushed,
for the sobs they flow; the apologies gushed,

Hanging from the wooden steak; soft shadows dripping free,
The cannibal; the flesh-eater; you man-eater; you see,
the noose is slowly tightened, pulled inch by sorry inch,
the lifeblood slowly draining, the spirit they will lynch.

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