Dear Children

A boy names Niall is not the most poor kid in the world he is just rich, but then their is Samantha who is the complete oppisite of Niall well lets just say there life is about to change as the start to relize the darkness, wonderful, extroadanary, world as they are both forced to fight aginst vanpiers!

This book is the first out of the serise im currently makeing the second one called every rose has it thorns


1. Dear kids

                                   My name is Samantha but most people all me Sam. Right now my oldest child should be reading this to prepear. For what? You might ask. For the attack of the vanpiers. You will need to protect your younger brothers and sisters. I understand you might have thousands of questions but in this book I will tell you what you need to know. First things first your father and I are vanpire hunters. You have many years to prepear but I came up came up with the idea to tell you about myself and how your father and I met and much more. When you read about your father and I and and more you must read to your brothers and sisters but the rest is for your eyes onley.   Shall we start.



                               LOVE YOUR MOTHER,





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