The Ultimate Talent Show

Set 300 years in the future, planet Earth is wrecked. With basic supplies long gone, things are getting desperate. The human race is taking drastic measures to preserve the once-powerful species. But when scientists create an emergency escape shuttle, things take a turn for the worse- if that's possible...


1. The News

"Come on George. Eat up." I stared at the pile of mash potato on the plate in front of me, as if my eyes would make it dissapear. No such luck. 

"I'm not eating that. It's disgusting." Standing up, I shoved the chair away from our old rickety dining table, wobbling on its last legs.

"Please, George." Looking up at Mums desperate, tired eyes reminded me of the harsh reality we were living in. With a sigh, I sat down again, and began prodding the mash around my plate with the twisted metal of the fork. Shovelling it into my mouth, I grimaced as it moistened.

All our food was like that. Freeze-dried and packed into vacuum bags, issued to each household at the start of each month by the government. These small silver bags became the most important things in our life. Food supplies like that had been part of life for nearly a hundred years, but the food was running out by our generation. Much of the food was over seventy years old, but the freeze drying prevented it from going off indefinitely. It was a good idea from the government some seventy years ago, as room for new houses outweighed the need for crop fields. But by the time I was old enough to understand, the freeze dried packs made little difference. Buildings were at least fifty stories high, some of the tallest balancing precariously at 170 floors, overlooking ancient junk yards. These ominous towers of houses became to be known as the stacks.

When I finished my freeze-dried dinner, I dashed into my room. Switching on the TV revealed an emergency news bulletin. Intrigued, I watched as a news reporter stood in London, overlooking the river Thames. As she informed me that scientists were unveiling the rocket, my mouth literally fell open in shock. I couldn't believe what she was saying. So the rumours were true. The reporter continued by saying that the pod would hold up to 40,000 people, and that it was set to take off in six months. Here it was, a chance to escape this polluted, ruined planet for good.                             

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