The Island

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  • Published: 17 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 17 Mar 2013
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Your ship has snapped. Your washed away. You pass out. You awake. You are on a small deserted Island, but what can you find?


1. The Island




   I awoke from my near drowning experience. I had washed upon a salty, sandy surreal shore. I was alone. The only company I had was the sound of the breeze, and the wash of the tide coming in. I rubbed the sand from my back and the sea from my feet, and began my journey to find civilisation (and a TV).


   I began walking over the minute grains of rock like tonnes of sugar, being poured into a giant’s tea. To my left, I could see green and brown fireworks, which were still in the sky. Hang on, not fireworks, tree’s… palm tree’s, tall and proud. With leaves and branches dominating the sky like Gods. At that moment, a sugar cube fell into the giant’s tea, as a coconut fell from the Sky, and rudely pinched by toe as if to welcome me (and also to tell me that I was unwelcome).


   I happened to have some weird and almost mysterious knife in my pocket. I sliced the sugar cube open and drank the sweet comforting milk inside. I then took a bite out of the flesh, hoping it would taste the same, but it tasted almost of nothing, and I spat it out in horror. Afterward I realised that the coconut had a faint taste of nut and almond. It was like the flavour was scared when I bit into it, but then the flavour came out to play on my tongue. I pondered if I should return to the sugar cube, and when I did, it has been consumed by all kinds of insects and ants. I could see some moving away and some going in. I eyed one who was quickly sprinting away. I chuckled and thought, ‘he’ll be back later when the flavour comes to play on the ants tongue, (if ants had them.)


   I wandered trying to forget the person who welcomed me, but after a while my rescue team came and took me away from the giants drink. They lifted me into the air, and the choppers whisked in the breeze and up. The sand left my feet and my eyes left the scene. My little teacup island with sugar and water. I heard the radio buzz, and people chat. I left his tea and then wondered and though, I wonder what the giant would say if he knew I’d been in his tea?

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