Journey of a ship

This poem uses the idea of a ship as a metaphor for a family life


1. Journey of a ship

I am sailing on a ship,
Within these large and rocky waves,
Everything I see in front of me is just a haze,

Each and every wave has a different outcome,
Maybe good, maybe bad, maybe even fatal,
For every wave that rocks our path,
Can cause our ship to change the shaft,

The shaft is what controls our ride,
But with every journey there is a different tide,
The tide can cause our ship to collapse,
But as a crew we must work together to continue the lapse,

For if we refuse to work as a team,
We may just fail to seal the seam,
The seam is what keeps us together,
For together we are always better.

With time out in the ocean,
We learn to create our very own potion,
The potion makes a perfect crew,
As to some challenges, we are still new,

We can't expect each other to be perfect,
But it doesn't matter because we are all worth it,
A crew is like a family,

We try hard to make each other happy,
For sadness causes us grief and pain,
I'm sure you would all feel the same,

The captain we sometimes call dad,
As without them we will go mad,
A dad steers and controls their children's life,

Like a captain steers the ship right,
There's not much difference between the course of a ship and someone's life,
As both face unforeseen circumstances that might just make you cry.
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