me and my doggy

its about a girl named robyn and a dog named phoebe and they become good friends and she makes everything better when robyn is feeling sad.


1. feeling sad

once there was a girl named robyn and she was feeling sad because her dog named connie had just got put down.

she was sad for ages and she didn't think she would be happy again.

on the day that connie got put down Robyn was crying her eyes out and she felt apart of her was gone.

when she got to school it was the day of the school disco and she was going with her friend madi and when she got to school she started to cry her eyes out when she got in to class jaya her frenamy (friend/enamy) tryed to comfert her and tryed to make her happy but it didnt work.

when the disco came she was to sad to dance so she just sat down but then madi came and asked if i wanted to come and dance and i did.

after the dance me and madi went to her house because i was sleeping there and i had a bad dream that everyone i touched died and i woke up crying.

i hoped that it got better. :(

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