We Are Not Alone In This World

Prothlinee has had one wish for as long as she can remember; to meet an alien.
In a future where the existence of aliens is an accepted truth humans interact with other species on a regular basis, most of the time things run smoothly but no peace can last forever. Sparks of discontent burn and Prothlinee finds her sleepy little town isn’t quite all it appears to be.

Wrote fo the Sci-Fi competiton


4. Waiting In the Gloom

He had followed the human long into the small hours of the night, not learning much more than what he already knew; he felt disappointed and flat like a deflated balloon. Things just keep getting better and better. He had thought bitterly and with no other choice than to trust in fate he returned to the soothing shade of the forest, brooding.


I was still reeling from yesterday I was deeply shocked; to think people like that existed in our sleepy little community, I had remarked to Flax this morning, he had laughed at my naivety and claimed it was inevitable not everyone would feel as comfortable the Friannians lived amongst us. I tried not to dwell on this as I walked around town, past the ordinary shops and through the deserted shortcuts long since forgotten by the uncurious citizens of Pax. I was walking down one such path when I noticed a scattering of leaves, at first glance they looked like ordinary oak leaves but on closer inspection I realise the leaf structure was totally different; out of the corner of my eye I could see another scattering further up the path, curious I decided to follow them.

The leaves lead me to one of the more secluded parts of town, ahead of me I could see an average sized van beside which stood the man from the meeting, my heart gave a sickening thump as it jumped into my throat; the man was barking orders at a scared looking Dusk. Attempting to listen in on the conversation I crawl forward to crouch down behind a dense shrub nearby, praying they don’t find me for fear of what they would do.

“You know what you have to do.” The man said, “Do. Not. Fail. Me.” He added in a calm voice with sinister undertones.

“I won’t. You know I won’t.” Squeaked Dusk terrified. The man nodded sharply once, the sort of nod a general dismissing his troops gives and I guess in a way he was, he then turned to walk swiftly into a building to the left. I let out a slight sigh; I wonder if I could get Dusk to talk to me? I asked myself considering the possibility of going right up to him and demanding he tell me what was going on.


The Friane let out an exasperated sigh, he could see the human girl watching the same men he was, if she moved that was it, the group would be on the alert and he’d never find their secret. So, he did the only thing that would stop her, moving with an unnatural speed he skirted the pair by the van positioning himself directly behind her. “Please don’t move.” He asked whilst putting a gentle hand on her shoulder to hold her in place.


“Please don’t move.” Said an odd voice behind me, it sounded like English wasn’t their first langue, I could feel the back of my neck prickle alarmingly; I swallowed hard and turned to see a tall young man with black hair pulled up into a tight ponytail standing over me.

“What do you want?” I say flippantly to cover my unease.

“Nothing at all, I just couldn’t let you interfere with my job. I’ve been following those guys for a while.” The stranger answered in a low voice.

“No offence intended but, you don’t exactly look like a police officer.” I stated, fighting the compulsion to trust this stranger completely.

“No? Well I wouldn’t, I’m not from this planet.” He whispered his answer threw me a little but only momentarily, it made sense the Friannians would have people watching for potential threats to their citizens just like we do. “What do you know?” he asked urgently, I didn’t know much more than he did, how could I, he was the trained operative not me.

“I’m sorry.” I say crestfallen after filling him in on several details he had missed, he trusted me with his secret and I felt as if I’d let him down by not knowing how to solve his problem.

“It’s nothing to apologise for.” he paused smiling at me warmly “Can I make one request though?” I nod my head uncertainly in answer “Please, promise me you’ll have no more to do with that group?”

Silence grew out of the space between us breaking with my reply. “I promise, but can you tell me about your home planet?” I squeak enthusiastically.

 He inclined his head and began “My planet is fairly similar to your own, we have green field, winding streams, vast deep oceans and mountain peaks invisible through the swirling clouds that enclose them, we also have animals closely resemble those native to Earth. Several generations back my race set out across the stars to learn and understand the universe. We are not as different as many would have you believe, Miss.”

A broad goofy grin found its way to my face, I was fascinated and a thousand questions bubbled in my mind; I wanted to ask them all but somehow I knew he wouldn’t answer, his brief answer would have to suffice. “Thank-you, I’ve dreamed of meting one of your people for a very long time and you are everything I imagined.” I say the words tumble out like an uncontrollable river burst free of its banks.

“You’re a charming young lady; it was a pleasure to meet you.” He said softly bowing deeply, then he was gone, leaving only swirling dust in his wake. A twinkling on the ground caught my eye looking down I discovered it was a small scrap of metal in the shape of a star, I decided I would keep it as a memento of the day my dream came true. A strange combination of emotions swelled up inside me, joy mixed with sadness, as a lone tear rolled down my cheek.

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